Saturday, 5 April 2014

All The best...

Finally tomorrow is the day for most of you.
I know how it feels on the day right before the exam - an exam for which you have prepared day in and day out. I have been through all that so I understand the thoughts that must be going in your mind - the atmosphere at your home.
Here are some last moment tips and tricks that will help you :

  • Don't be too much nervous
  • reach the examination center at least an hour before the scheduled time of the exam
  • if you feel that you might get a headache etc, carry medicines beforehand
  • you might also like to carry a packet of biscuit if you feel the need
  • you may carry chewing gum with you to avoid mouth drying
  • get a good sleep tonight
  • before sleeping, ensure that all the mobiles are in silent mode to avoid distractions
  • make sure to set your bag tonight
  • ensure that you have 2 black and 2 blue pens with you - keep a pencil and eraser too
  • don't forget to carry your admit card and it's photocopy with you
  • don't think of studying any new topic now
  • don't be too much excited
  • solve the easy questions first
  • if you get stuck in a particular question, leave it and come back to it when you have done the remaining part
  • if somehow you completely go blank, do not panic - drink some water - close your eyes for 2 minutes, take a deep breathe, that should help
  • solve that subject first in which you are strongest
  • bubble the answers carefully - there won't be a second chance if you bubble incorrectly
  • don't even try to cheat - all the people around you will have different sets of the question paper
  • have a light breakfast before the exam - don't go empty stomach
  • avoid eating heavy oily food tonight
  • don't feel nervous if you see people studying tomorrow outside the examination hall
  • in case you meet your friend tomorrow before the exam, don't discuss about the paper
  • tell your parents that they should not carry high expectations with you
  • avoid negative thoughts
  • in case negative thoughts start coming to your mind, think of your last biggest achievement - like class 10th results, etc
  • I would suggest going out with your friends to a mall or any other place so that it refreshes your mind
  • have faith in yourself - if you have worked hard, you will get the reward
To conclude, I would say that give your 100 % tomorrow. Don't panic. Every candidate is going through the same mental pressure which you are currently bearing.
Take blessings of your parents and go ahead - Crack it!!!

All the best

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  1. Thankxx bhayia for every words u told... i got an bst expierence nd i got an bst guideness now
    ... sourely i am ready to face a exams nd how much u told a golden rules... i try to follow ur rules it's really an right nd intresting rules.....thankxx a lot....