Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Coordinate geometry

Here is the link to coordinate geometry article :


  1. please give us a separate post on binomial thm and complex numbers

  2. Hello bhaiya
    I am going to write jee in 2016.
    I have seen numerious times you describing rsm as'slightly above jee level.
    Frankly speaking i never found it to be very difficult.i find only solved subjective problems to be innovativs.
    Also i would like to ask if binomial/series/quadratic are needed to be covered from classics text seriea as i think that these topics are not at all imp as only 1 question out of each topic is asked which is too a cakewalk?

  3. bhaiyaa .. after i do a problem ( in which i am able to get to the answer ) what should i do or think in order to maximize the knowledge i gained by solving that question ..?