Thursday, 14 August 2014

Trigonometry - not so important

Here is the link to the trigonometry article:


  1. please us a separate post on
    1 laws of motion+friction
    2 binomial thm + series
    as your mechanics and algebra post cover them briefly.
    these are the topics with which most of the jee advanced including me are not comfortable with.

  2. hi aman,
    i am preparing chemistry with jd lee, solomons book of wiley india for both 11th n 12th. is it good enough?
    n can u recommend me books for physics and maths with full basics in it coz i somewhat feel that ncert is a bit incomplete.

  3. n also bro would be great if you can tell me whether jee mains and advanced would be clubbed together coz i had been preparing for jee mains from class 11th n i would be ruined if it happens to be.

  4. Hey can u tell anything abt atomic structure chemistry?????

    How to do complex probs without calculators????

  5. Very useful resources. Thank you.
    I also have a useful book related to this topic.

    Trigonometry For Dummies (2014).pdf - 7.2 MB