Saturday, 20 September 2014

Motion in 2 dimensions

Here is the article on Motion in 2 dimensions :


  1. Once again a mesmerising post...hey aman I am in 11 std can uh please tell me the schedule uh followedon SUNDAYS duting ur preparation as uh must have alot of time

    1. Answering after a long time
      Well since I was admitted to a non attending school, every day for me was a sunday
      Wake up at ~6.30
      Go to my study table at 7.00
      Break at 11.00 AM
      back to studies again at 1.00 PM
      break at 3.00 PM or so
      back again in 30 minutes.
      break after 2 hours
      and so on
      End of the day at 8.00 PM

    2. Hey Aman! I'm in the 12th. I want to know the important topics that I should be covering asap and also the topics that are not so important.
      And study hours that have to be put during these months

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  3. hi aman... I am getting 55% in jee mock test is it enough to get chemical at any old iit...?? is it a bad score?