Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Chemistry basics

Basics of Physical Chemistry



  1. Hey Aman,

    I am in class 10th. I'm done with vectors and calculus ( up to the level required for physics), a bit of trigonometry, I'm confident for finding domains and intervals, the mole concept, ideal gas equation, etc. Board exams are approaching, I don't really care about my cgpa, I'd easily get 9.6+. But the thing is, I am really, very scared for this bigas competition with the 2% success rate. Plus, I really am aiming a two digit rank (don't laugh, please) but the that frightens me is the exam, the other students etc. I'm ready to hardwork and sacrifice everything but then I think what if sacrificing and hard working doesn't pay off? Honestly, I have an average IQ and I am no extraordinary student. So chances are that I won't be able to crack jee advance. :"(
    But I wanna excel in whatever field I choose. I love science. Shall I opt out arts with some science subjects? I seemibgly cannot make it to iitb electrical dept.
    What say? :"(
    I am so nervous foe even optong out non med!
    Ps. Obviously I am a girl as you must have figured out.

    1. I am answering a query after a really long time
      First of all get away with this "chances are that I won't be able to crack jee advance" thing
      if you have made an impression that you won't be able to do it, then you definitely won't be able to do it
      you have full 2 years for JEE preparation!
      Read the posts, purchase the books, join a coaching and start studying rather than passing time
      Hope that helps

  2. Give us a separate post on organic chemistry(basics goc+eas+hydrocarbon)
    And rotational dynamics

  3. Hi bhaiya ,
    I will be moving to class 12 next month . Can you please tell me that should i join a coaching ( fiitjee) or join some correspondence ( rsm). i will get very less time for self study if i join coaching , but i will miss all the short cut techniques taught in the coaching on how to solve a problem.

  4. Hi aman....I am a student of FIITJEE ....I am aiming for a double digit rank in JEE....but i just completed my math syllabus although my physics and chemistry are strong....I will be finishing my GMP and master assignment by end of january. ..its it too late....because people say that these things are supposed to be done before December itself.....cqn I still get a top 100...my aits percentiles is around 98

    1. no..what books did you solve during revision.....i want to know if what i have planned for the last 4 months is enough.....here's what i planned
      1.rank booster
      2.gmp(almost done already)
      3.review package
      4.master assignment
      and then lots of paper practice......so will it be enough....??

  5. Please reply bhaiya , i assure you that i will not blindly follow what you say and whatever decision i take will be my own sole responsibility. I only need some advice from someone who has already traveled that path which i have to travel . Thanks

  6. Well, how famous are you?! xD
    Saw your mentions on kaysons' site. Did it help you anyway? :))

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  9. Hello aman you are doing fabulous job thank you so much for your efforts
    I have been reading your blog from last few days but the actual problem is that I m wasting my time reading this stuff and others available on web I kindly request you to write complete 1 single article on jee praparation which conclude topic wise praparation strategy time management tips and revision strategy I know it will consume a lot time but please I have already ready your almost all articles so I want it in short manner in single article thank you

    1. Dear Rahul, I appreciate your suggestion. However, it would be quite difficult to describe the entire 2 years in a single consolidated article. Maybe you can check the 'All Posts' section (http://amangoeliitb.blogspot.in/p/all-posts_13.html) and read out articles which are relevant

  10. Thanks for quick response your all articles are very helpful once again thanks bro