Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Books for Indian National Olympiads

Indian National Olympiads are probably the most competitive examinations in India. A mention of them on your resume surely creates impression and shows your expertise in the subject and so, it becomes important to prepare for these exams with great enthusiasm.

Indian National Physics Olympiad: The most competitive Physics exam in India, with only ~40 people qualifying from all over the country. The preparation for INPhO doesn't require any special skills as such. A deep understanding of the +2 level concepts is more than enough. However, to be able to clear INPhO, one definitely needs an aptitude to solve subjective problems, which isn't that easy to develop.
Seeing a simple harmonic motion in the context of thermodynamics (INPhO 2013) is sure to force you to think beyond the JEE syllabus and so one should really have an in-depth understanding of the subject to ace this exam.
Here are the required books for INPhO

  • The usual God book - IE Irodov

  • Arihant INPhO, old edition

  • Arihant INPhO, new edition

Indian National Chemistry Olympiad: Well, this is also a really tough exam. I scored 56/97 and I was among the top 40 in India to qualify for this exam. With my score, you can easily estimate the difficulty level of this exam.
A deep knowledge of organic chemistry is needed, much beyond JEE syllabus and its worth investing some time here to learn more new concepts (basics of NMR spectroscopy, biochemistry, etc)

Here are some good books to assist you:

  • Organic Chemistry by LG Wade

  • Physical chemistry by OP Tondon

  • Inorganic chemistry by OP Tondon

  • Arihant INChO

INMO: since I never appeared for RMO, I have least idea here, but I heard some people using this book:


  1. Which books you completed all
    List their names as u said u used many books and had a library in your home
    Just share your experience

  2. sorry but did u completed i.e.erodov fully or done selected question

  3. hi Aman I want to ask that what should I study for jee before a test(opted for plancess jee test series). should I study standard books or resonance material or aakash material. preparing by self study for jee 2016

  4. REply REply REply REply REply REply REply REply
    Whats the difference between Arihant INPHO OLD AND NEW edition ???do they have new interesting problems or have copied from known books ie irodov krotov
    Any advice for research based universities abroad (mit cal tech Princeton) (cos i really love exotic space physics)
    Any book for practical knowledge (i go to dummy school) i.e vernier calipers , spherticometer etc

  5. My Fiitjee centre is holding up classes for both physics and chrmistry Olympiads. But they bath are at the same time! I am really confused as I got selected in both. I like both physics and chemistry. What do you recommend me to join? Which one is easier to study on our own?

  6. I want to know that which book is good for nsejs preparation. fist stage of ijso

  7. INJSO, Any idea?
    It is the least discussed olympiad wrt. books. I never really found a proper book.
    Any help is appreciated.

  8. Hey Aman! What were your scores in the NSEP and the INPhO?

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  10. What is the usual cutoff for nsec up region

  11. Please tell me how to download this book because I have not enough money to purchase this book.please do this for me .tell me and I will really study hard to get medal for India . please write link where I can download IIT jee foundation books,Olympiad books.please ...

  12. hello sir i am self studying for jee ,will u please describe the...... online videoes ....and .....test series...... for iit jee ,i am reading GENGAGE series ,is this enough for jee(both).
    what is most important thing u know during jee preparation
    sir please reply me

  13. Hello bhaiya. Actually I am 2020 aspirant . I am in fiitjee punjabi bagh camp batch ( the one which gives all under 200-300 rankers ) . I wanted to ask you one thing , you didn't attend school then how did you crack physics Olympiads as they require experimental skills too .