Monday, 29 June 2015

Must buy books for JEE preparation (Physical Chemistry)

Once again, the books are mentioned in the order of rank

For those who just aim for a selection, the NCERT textbooks are sufficient if you use them properly. No additional book is required for JEE in particular

For those who are aiming for a rank around 1000, you must keep the below mentioned books with you:

  • Exemplar problems with solution manual

  • OP Tondon Physical Chemistry

For those who want nothing less than an under 100 rank must additionally study the following book:

  • RC Mukherjee


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  2. I have "new era chemistry textbook for class 11 part 1" by op tandon , a.k.virmani and a.s.Singh. is it sufficient to get a 3 digit rank for physical chemistry?

  3. Is Wiley publishers physical chem better than op tandon