Monday, 31 August 2015

Say yes to education, no to Kaysons Education

Dear readers,
Recently, Kaysons Education ( has been using my name to publicize their products which I never used. For example, they are selling the "Make Me IITian" package ( and , which was NEVER used by me. In fact, it wasn't even launched when I appeared for JEE.

Moreover, they claim that I solved 13,500 problems from their package ( - observe how they have highlighted AIR 127 and not AIR 33) , which is entirely false. I have never recommended people to solve problems from Kaysons Education material because I myself never used it to solve problems. I used it only to view lecture videos (that too partially).

In the above link, they claim that Shubham Yadav got AIR 98 in JEE 2014, which is totally false. Firstly Shubham Yadav wasn't in any way associated with the guidance classes. Secondly he gave JEE 2013 and not JEE 2014.

I request you all to rather spend your parents' hard-earned money on books rather than on packages which are falsely taking the name of IITians to promote their products.
You can find some good books here

Be wise, be smart. Do not be fooled by false advertisements. Make a wise decision.

Finally, to conclude, I would say that students should not believe in any advertisement claiming my name other than what I have mentioned myself on the blog (FIITJEE and Resonance, with whom I was officially associated).


  1. You have done a good work by writing this article because i have seen many students asking you on your blog in the comments section about kayson whether you had joined or not and i have also seen that you never replied to those comments as well.

    1. That was because I was trying to get in touch with them. But now, after endless efforts from my side, they didn't remove my name and this was the last resort I had (besides taking a legal action, for which I have no time)

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  3. Hi Bhai I had been very eager for talking to you ....I also had posted many questions to you related to jee preparation(around 8 to 9 questions) on quota but you had answered none..I just wanted to consult that since I don't have internet access what should I it ok or not...but in respect of books I have more than yours(e.g..5 organic books !!!)so is it necessary to watch video lectures or to cover it by books itself pls reply to this text
    I hope you get this message to reply
    Sarvesh dubey

  4. Hi aman , for how many courses were you enrolled and how many books did you have