Thursday, 23 February 2017

Educational Startup from IIT Bombay

Hello everyone, it's been a long time since I wrote a blog post.

This post is about a startup by a friend (from IIT Bombay) and his father who are trying to build India's first structured mentorship programs for school students (Class 6 to 12) to nurture them into Achievers through trained mentors.

GyanAngels' mission is to create a wisdom network to nurture achievers in adolescents globally - provide them mentors as per their interest who can accelerate their learnings and help them achieve their goals.
The goal is to create a Global Wisdom Network that enables any adolescent school child globally connect to the right mentor-cum-role model who can guide/motivate/encourage/challenge the school student to become an achiever in the subject/career of their interest/passion. The founders believe that every school child located anywhere has the potential to become an achiever provided they get the right mentor and conducive environment at home and school. Focus of the unique mentorship program is to nurture self-directed learners who learn on their own and who are resilient and empowered to chart their own destiny with a little support from a mentor.

Interested students may visit:


  1. Post after very long time. When jee related post is coming???

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  3. Aman bhaiya this post of yours gave me much relief.. I thought that u r now not going to write more blogs ..
    Thanks to u for your consistency and hope u write more blogs .. and am currently in class 10th and reading your blogs I become enthustiastic for my comming years of jee preparation..

    So I thank u a lot for posting beautiful posts and hope u continue write..

    1. Yes too
      I'm too enthusiactic like u
      Thanks to aman bhaiya
      Keep it up

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  6. Aman Bhaiya, if you remember then I wanted you do to something like this with me (talked about this with you on Hangouts)