Sunday, 24 November 2013

Mumbai, IIT-B and ME

Mumbai - biggest city of India.
Moving from Kanpur to Mumbai seemed no big deal to me , but for my parents it was. A boy who was brought up with all care , always under the guidance of the parents was going to be set free.
My parents always wondered if I would be able to mix up with new friends , will the place be safe for me , will I be able to establish myself in so big a city , ragging issues , food issues , washing clothes , cleaning room , academics ..... , ...... etc etc
Mumbai is a beautiful place. It's beauty lies in its simplicity. Living in IIT , I am with the humblest people of the country. No one here believes in show-off. Each student has his/her own world. Everyone enjoys his/her life to the fullest.

We have Hiranandani near the campus - one of the most beautiful place I have ever visited.

It has all kinds of shops from food to electronic to daily household things.

Feeling hungry ? Not in mood of eating mess food ? You have the following options :

Campus Hub
Gulmohar Cafeteria
H1 canteen
H2 canteen
Kresit Canteen
Hiranandani (all major brands including Subway , Aromas , Papa John's)
R-City mall , Neptune Magnet mall , Phoenix Mall
and the best of all - Pizza Hut and Dominoes pizza delivery
and trust me , hanging out with friends at times is fun.

One of the things that I am always scared of is GPL (G***d pe Laat). This is a tradition in IITB. Whenever it is someone's birthday , people gather around his room at 12 sharp , lift up that person and start kicking as hard as possible. Then goes the "chappal fight" wherein people take out their slippers and Bang it on other's back. This is dangerous. Even today when the semester final exams ended , people gathered around my room(silently). Then one of them entered my room and said " Aman tujhe Aashish bula raha hai , Kuch kaam hai important " and I went out to see scores of hungry wolves , ready to kick my a**.

This continued till 1 AM and each CSE student was "GPLed".
It's scary but its fun and I enjoy it!
After all these are the moments that I would remember after my 4 years' journey.


  1. Why did't you mentioned kaysons video lectures in any blog does it helped you or not? I am asking this question because I am going to buy it.

  2. I'll be soon writing a post on it.
    Please give me some time and sorry for late reply

  3. hey write a post on how to manage it is one of the most prominent problems we as aspirants face....and was nice to be taught by u here in kanpur..!

  4. yes..bhaiyya do write...and did u face a backlog ever?

  5. Yes and also about your experiences of the d-day and your reaction on seeing d results and expectations before d results and yes please dedicate a post to time management also

  6. Bhaiya, I wanted to know that by which time you had completed your whole JEE syllabus? Around September,October 2012 or before that.

  7. Yes I Also faced backlogs.
    But I covered them during the vacations.
    Syllabus was completed around mid November with a few minor topics remaining (like error analysis in physics)

  8. Hi Aman.u r going gr8 with ur blog.inumerous ppl around me love it and find it extremely do never stop blogging!!

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  10. Bhaiya how did you face backlogs?? How did u resolve it any tips for overcoming backlogs... I write jee in 2015 only but still help me....

    1. utilize the weekends and vacations to cover the things left out.
      Warning : there should not be any backlogs at this stage otherwise God know what will happen when you are in college :P

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    1. I didn't take CS in class 11th and 12th and I am doing pretty well here.
      I have no problem with programming and I am enjoying it.
      Same goes with most of the students.
      PS : I have a good experience of programming from class 6th to class 10th.

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  13. Aman , i'll meet u in 2015, at this place, Ee or cs , overcoming all the odds stacked against, against the few moths time, studying consistently & concrete ,howsoever
    be the journey .
    An avid follower till now - {ja 2015}
    From kota. :-!

  14. My hostel neighbours are this years air 1&3 & they were early starters still consistent labourers.

  15. hi...aman sir...i am in dropping year(after 12th) this time which book is good for organic chemistry...