Thursday, 20 February 2014

Board exams are coming

Board exams are near. Pressure must have increased. You must be thinking how to handle so much pressure ? Boards -> JEE Main -> JEE advanced !!
Life must be going too difficult. I know how it feels. I have been through the same last year.
Let me help you to make it a bit easy.
Most probably, your first exam will be English (you must have got your date sheet by now). Prepare whole heartedly for it. Dedicate 3-4 full days for it. Keep your JEE preparation aside and start preparing English. There are many guide books available in the market and they are really really helpful especially if you are a dummy school student (Like me :P ). It's very important to get at least above 80 in English otherwise your percentage will go down significantly (Remember you have to be in the top 20 percentile of your board). Read the text book prescribed for your board thoroughly and follow a guide book. Ask for help from your friends who are not preparing for JEE. Request them to teach you English lessons.
Attempt the paper with planning and everything should be fine.
Around 50% load should be gone off from your head after English paper is over.
Next usually you will have Mathematics then Physics then Chemistry.
Here is where the trick comes.
You have a great chance to prepare NCERT thoroughly. Study NCERT in great detail. Solve the examples given in maths book. They might seem trivial but remember that if you don't have a practice of "writing" a solution, then you will be facing problem in your Board exams. So better sit with a pen and paper and write down the solutions to even the easy questions. There are certain topics that are not present in JEE advanced syllabus but they are in Board syllabus. Make sure you cover them. That will not only help you in Board exams, but also in JEE Main.
Do the same with Physics and Chemistry (especially). Prepare NCERT thoroughly and you will be done with class 12th syllabus of JEE Main and JEE advanced too (partly). In this way, you aren't wasting your precious JEE time. Instead, you are utilizing it smartly.
Make sure to cover all the proofs and derivations in Physics. They are important.
Make sure you have seen papers of last 3 years and solved them properly.
Make sure you have memorized all the tables and diagrams mentioned in NCERT for both Physics and Chemistry.
Lastly comes the optional subject (Computer/Physical education/Hindi/any other).
For Physical education, you don't really need to burn the midnight oil. Just learn the headings and write the final answer in your own words. You will surely get 90+ but make sure to dedicate around 2 days to the optional subject.
Getting a 90% in Boards is not only easy, but also it is required especially if you are in ICSE or CBSE Board.
For CBSE, the GodBook is NCERT. Don't search for unnecessary guides and all. Guides are required for English and optional subject. For Physics, Chemistry and Maths, you don't really need a guide. You JEE preparation experience is sufficient.
Whatever I have written in this post applies by and large to all the boards. Syllabus may vary slightly. Make sure to follow the syllabus strictly. You should not end up wasting time on something that is not really required.
All the best.
Work hard and make everyone proud of you.
Comments and suggestions are welcome.
A post on JEE Main will be coming soon


  1. Hi Aman,

    Thanks for ur post. It really helped us and had solutions to our problems.
    Can u write a post on IITJEE calculus. It would be highly appreciable.


    1. It will be there in 2 days. Just ping me once more

  2. thanx a lot for posts even when u are busy :)

  3. hey plz write a post on ur experiences with olympiad... i couldn't find any.... n ofcourse we understand u have too much to deal with already...but still..!!.. :)

    1. Here is one

      I think it should help

  4. Thanks Aman for the valuable tips. Waiting for ur JEE mains post.

    I'm in Karnataka PU Board and my boards end on March 28th. ( They start on March 12th )
    So I have very little to revise for the JEE Mains exam.
    This worries me a lot.Please advice on how I should manage the few days left ?

    1. I will soon write a post on what to do after board exams.

  5. beautiful....
    hey wenvr u get time write about ur experiences on the jee main day..

    1. Sure.
      But this is something you should have posted in "Blog feedback/suggestions" post

  6. Hi Aman!
    As you got 100 in physics, how many days are required for only cbse physics? I'm mostly thorough with the jee part, but I keep forgetting derivations...

    1. If you have prepared well for JEE, then 2-3 days are more than enough.
      In these 2-3 days, you must learn all the derivations by heart.
      They love to ask derivations in board exams.
      For example, you might be directly asked to derive the following :
      1.) Potential due to an electric dipole
      2.) u-v formula for a convex lens/mirror
      3.) The expression for radioactive decay

      The point is, focus on concepts rather than application of concepts.
      The application part is important for JEE but not for board exams.

  7. Hi AMAN.
    I can manage a decent 90+ score in boards .
    Was a little 'worried' for mains.
    Could you please just tell from where and to what extent to practice each chapter.
    What would you suggest someone who has streamlined all his focus to getting~ 320/360 in mains?

    Considering jee mains the sole aim( iiit-h is accepting only un-normalised mains score :ignoring board mark), what could be the best possible use of NEXT 5 WEEKS UNTIL MAINS.

    My jee advanced prep. Is done for 50%. And for other 50% i am unable to solve ques


  8. Aman,
    For chem board exam, for organic reactions, do we have to write the inorganic side products as well?

  9. Hey is only NCERT enough for CBSE 12th board exams ?

  10. Hey Aman, many students last year felt that the cbse math paper was tough. What did you feel?
    Was it easier for students preparing for jee?

    1. of course it was easy for those who prepared for JEE
      but it was tougher than usual maths paper of boards

  11. what were your %age in class tenth and 12th boards (subjectwise and overall) ?

  12. can u plz suggest guides for english and the optional subject ..........
    also, is it enough to study for boards in the last 3 months??

  13. i m in mah board should i study prefer ncert or mah board textbook

  14. State board exams are relatively easier than cbse right?
    apart from NCERT books, what else would you suggest for boards
    considering i've given up jee preparation

  15. hii aman i have started my hsc in dec 1 i have aimed to do till 31 dec but i wasnt able to do it i have done that much so that i can get above 75 % should i complete the whole syllabus or continue wd jee mains study as t is on3rd april
    n im not confident about the jee advanced!!!!

  16. What about if pre boards are there in january.should i prepare

  17. What about if pre boards are there in january.should i prepare

  18. What to do for the practical exams which consists 30 marks if I am a student of dummy School?

  19. Those Students those have appered 12th board exam , they can check their result from here


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