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How do I revise class 11th course fully?

That's not only a good question, but also an important one
Note that I am answering from the point of view of responsible students.
So, here we go.
  • First of all, make a list of the chapters you've completed (fully or partially) in class 11th. This way, you can see your progress. This will not only give you confidence, but also motivate you to complete class 12th syllabus with even more energy.
  • Having made the list, you should first tick the chapters in which you are pretty confident.

This is why I mentioned at the top that this answer is written from the point of view of responsible students. A responsible student who has properly utilized his/her 1 year of class 11th will get about 80% ticks done.

  • What now? Well, your focus should be on the unticked ones, because these are the ones that will hit you back in almost all the examinations you face.
  • Now focusing only on these chapters, make a list of specific topics at which you are weak. A simple example of a topic can be: derangements in permutations and combinations or maybe geometric problems in complex numbers, etc.
  • Now comes the important part. Get 2 books - a basic one and a tough one. Solve the basic problems of that particular topic at which you are weak. If after solving 10 questions, you feel that comfortable, move to the tough one immediately without wasting time on the easy one. Solve this tough book religiously. Sit with it, give time to every question. You will surely need more time because this topic is your weakness. But remember that this spent time will help you to overcome your weakness.
  • Having followed the above procedure, I am sure you are no more weak in that topic. However, you still might not feel confident. Don't worry. I wasn't confident with permutations and combinations even after solving RD Sharma, KC Sinha, ML Khanna, TMH, FIITJEE Package, Arihant Algebra and Resonance Package. But I ended up solving PnC questions in JEE.
Well, that was about overcoming weaknesses.
Having done that, an important part remains to be done - revising the entire syllabus.
Let me tell you a secret

For good students, there is nothing called as revision
They keep everything in mind all the time.
Tell them that they have exam in 5 minutes, they will be ready.
This was told to me by my Physics teacher in class 11th, who mentored (Vipul Singh, AIR 5 in JEE 2010).
Fix that in mind and remember it properly.

So, how to develop this habit?
  • Firstly start reading your own notes. They are usually concise and highlight the important points which are required in competitive examinations.
  • You can read entire Physics notes in a day. Same goes for Chemistry and Mathematics. If you are fast enough, you can complete in 2 days or maybe in a single day if you are too fast.
  • However, you should not take more than 3 days. If you are taking more than 3 days, then you are probably weak at a particular topic and you need to read this answer from the starting once again :D
  • Having done this, the only thing remains is to start solving problems. Since you already practiced a number of problems from the weak chapters, you can now focus largely on the chapters at which you are good. Since you are good at these chapters, you can solve say 10-15 tough problems rather than 50 easy ones in the same time. Just do it!
  • You should be wise enough to decide how much problems you need.

Now let us talk specifically about Physics
  • You can revise all the Objective I and II questions of HC Verma to ensure you are strong at theory
  • You can solve subjective problems of DC Pandey (10-15 for each chapter) to ensure you have good problem solving skills
  • You can solve IE Irodov if you are aiming for a better rank
  • Definitely solve the past year JEE papers (1978 onward)
The above 3 will be enough to help you revise.
If you feel that you have already done the above properly and you need something new, purchase a revision package.

Coming to Chemistry:
  • You can try RC Mukherjee for Physical Chemistry
  • You can try LG Wade for Organic Chemistry
  • You cantry MS Chauhan for (very) challenging problems of Organic Chemistry
  • For inorganic Chemistry, the best source is to solve past year papers

Now Maths:
  • TMH is the best book to revise
  • You can solve the solved examples and check solutions as well

Note that if you sincerely follow the above, you can easily revise everything within a month.
Also note that you must study all the subjects daily.
A subject a day is a terrible idea.

To summarize, the best way to revise is to solve a handful of quality problems that involve a mix of concepts to check your ability of assembling concepts and applying them to solve a problem.


  1. What you would say to a person who had completed his 80% both 11 & 12 but had not solved more than 50problems till now and had not touched HC verma

    1. A board exam candidate is one who has focus on 12
      Not that who had completed 80% syllabus

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  3. How can one revise if he goes both to college and coaching and get limited time to study??

  4. Great post ,very helpful.thank u fr ur motivating posts.

  5. Hello sir i need ur help urgently .i m a dropper in my 10th scored 92%and 12th scored 88% however my jee main was 48 (just bcoz i left studying for 12 pas days before exam)but now i regret myself i really want to get into iits/nits but i had no coaching .plz help if had to crack it through self study .plz rply

  6. hi aman.. am a 2016 jee aspirant tell me which all 11th topics are impt which i shud revise thoroughly.. and how much time shud i give to each subject as now its sept.. mah 11th was nt that good but in 12th i have studied hrd and i aim. to get a good rank... so please tell what all shud i do..??

    1. Stupid aman pls answer his question !! We all want to know which all chapters are important from competition point if view ?

    2. Thanks for calling me stupid.
      I am glad to see such wise people on the blog :)
      Maybe you should have been wise enough to see this - http://amangoeliitb.blogspot.com/2014/04/most-scoring-topics-for-jee-advanced.html

    3. Aman can take insults in good humor...at least he is successful in social life unlike unknown

    4. Aman can take insults in good humor...at least he is successful in social life unlike unknown

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  9. Hii..would it be wise to solve all the previous years jee questions of archive and practice Mock jee tests or solve packages like GMP Or MPP?? Which one would be more beneficial?

  10. Hii..would it be wise to solve all the previous years jee questions of archive and practice Mock jee tests or solve packages like GMP Or MPP?? Which one would be more beneficial?

  11. Can you plz write tell your notes taking technique for long term(jee) as well as short term(phase test/term test) goals as when I sit down for the same, I use to make either super concise (using which I am not able to recollect the topic) or super bulky (which in long term would be just like a fat book) notes.

    Thanks for all the help u provide to us

  12. Can you please list out topics of class 11 that are extremely important and are to be revised at priority.

  13. Can you please list out topics of class 11 that are extremely important and are to be revised at priority.

  14. The strategy is good but...now I am in class 12th so should I revise 11th std topics with 12th std or at end....

  15. I’m Arhan and my mail address is arhan4101@gmail.com(the blog isn’t allowing me to log in for some reason)

    Hey Aman, I’m a student at Aakash Ahmedabad(giving JEE 2019) and I was hoping for some pointers with my strategy and to just get your opinion of how I’m doing

    I made a list like you said.


    Gravitation(hoping electrostatics covers this)
    Fluid Mechanics(Mostly Static fluids and Pascal Law)
    And Majority of Mechanics
    Laws of Motion
    Work, Energy and Power
    Rotational Dynamics

    Complex Numbers(Locus Problems- ie when mixed with Conic Sections)
    Sequence and Series
    Binomial Theorem
    Conic Sections(our teacher left towards the end of eleventh, so we weren’t taught these 4 lessons)

    I gave the JEE Advanced test at aakash and got an AIR of 90 with pretty stable ranks in both papers(100 in paper 1 and 101 in paper 2)
    The pattern was similar to last year’s JEE Advanced paper, so each subject had 122 marks weightage
    Chemistry: 57
    Mathematics: 40

    They’ve started 12th syllabus at Aakash now, and I’m on top of that without too many problems, but I don’t think I can revise 11th while the syllabus is still going on, so I was thinking I’d cover the leftover syllabus during the swing of revision papers in november, but after looking at the schedule, I’m a little concerned about whether I’ll be able to study the following topics in time + revise whatever else is in the test here’s the schedule of tests, revision swing starts 26-11-18 http://www.aakash.ac.in/sites/default/files/aiats/AIATS%20Schedule%20for%20JEE%20Main%20&%20Advanced%202018%20(XII%20Studying).pdf

    Laws of motion
    Have only 7 days to prepare this, so slightly concerned because I struggled alot with it last year

    Conic Sections
    Have 14 days for this, but this topic is quite vast + I might have some school exams during this time too, so might disrupt things a bit

    I was just hoping for any thoughts/pointers you might have

  16. It’s working now ^ that’s me