Monday, 8 June 2015

What makes JEE Advanced tough?

Taken from one of my Quora answers:

"JUNTA", the amount of "useless" junta appearing for the exam makes the exam tough.
By "useless" junta I mean the junta appearing for the following two reasons :
1.) parental pressure : "Beta IIT ki tayari kar lo,  life set ho jayegi" (son prepare for IIT, your life will be set)
2.) my friend is appearing/preparing for IIT JEE so I should also do that : "yaar wo IIT ki tayari kar raha hai, Mujhe bhi karni chahiye" (he is preparing for IIT, I should also do)

This "useless" junta has increased the crowd to such an extent that 5 lakh people appeared for JEE 2012
There are other factors too :

Tough paper : You are taught to write long descriptive answers in board exams where the papers are set up from the "past year problems". You just mug up a handful of questions and you get above 90% in Boards. This funda completely fails in JEE because they hardly repeat any questions.
Moreover questions asked in JEE check you analytical skills and your creativity too!

Time boundation : in JEE 2013, we had to solve 120 questions in just 6 hours time and each problem in itself was a challenge.

Change in pattern : JEE paper setters regularly change the pattern of Examination so as to encourage "pattern proof study".

Negative marking : in JEE,  almost all questions involve negative marking so that you can't "blindly" guess any answer and get away. People even got negative marks out of 360 in JEE 2013 only because of negative marking.

Examination temperament : many people are unable to perform on "the day" due to extreme pressure. I know a couple of people who couldn't give their 100% only because of their poor examination temperament. 

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