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JEE preparation tips by Sai Sandeep, All India Rank 1

Sai Sandeep Reddy is a friend and colleague of mine at IIT Bombay. He secured All India Rank 1 (yes, you read it right!) in JEE Advanced 2013 and is presently pursuing Computer Science and Engineering. He wrote a blog long back, mentioning some JEE related strategies. He kindly agreed to allow us to share his blog here :)
Here is the link: Sai Sandeep's blog

Here goes the blog post by Sai Sandeep:

My strategy :
Complete syllabus in first year.
Revise once (three times faster than that is done in first year) by December Remaining four months is for doing past year papers, other institute grand test papers , revising the theoretical aspects especially chemistry
Joining a coaching institute is not necessary but i would recommend joining one. A good competitive environment is very essential to bring the best in us That is what the coaching institutes offer other than fine teaching and good practice papers.
Division of time :
I  am less confident in chemistry compared to maths and physics.So I used to spend half of my preparation time on chemistry, remaining half distributed equally between maths and physics.
Chemistry requires more time than maths and physics because there are a lot of things   to remember in chemistry than in maths or physics.We need to revise it many many times.Writing short notes(a notes where you write all the essential formula, equations and properties ) is highly recommended.
Topics that required special attention are Inorganic Chemistry requires more time.It has lot of memory based stuff.especially qualitative analysis.
In maths, Integral Calculus and probability are important topics to focus on. In physics, Rotational Dynamics and  Modern physics are more important. 
Improving weak areas :
By the end of first reading (for me , by end of 11 th) we should get a clear idea what are our weak topics.
To improve, first we must get the conceptual clarity.Read some good books about that topic.
I recommend reading more than one reference book.Read your sir's notes.Getting your doubts clarified is the next part.This is very important.Ask your teachers,Mentors or try to find from the
references.It is a very good habit to note down doubts and the answers to them from the beginning of preparation for JEE.The next important thing is practice.Practice gives confidence.Confidence is essential for cracking tough exams like JEE.
Spending time on revision
As explained already , I completed syllabus by end of 11 th class. I spent the complete 12  th class for revision.
Reference materials :
for maths
   Arihant publications Integral Calculus and Differential Calculus
for physics
   doing H.C.Verma is a must
  irodov problems in physics
     fundamentals of mechanics and fundamentals of elecrodynamics by irodov are very good books
  D.C.Pandey series is also good.especially for practice
 for chem
reading NCERT books is very very essential for chemistry. for organic :
l.g.wade is a good book for theory and himanshu pandey for practice peter sykes is also good book for concepts.
for inorganic : jd lee is a good book
 for physical chem : peter atkins & de paula is an excellent book
numerical chemistry by bahadur is a good book for practice 
Doing right work at right time is why i guess i got this rank Completing syllabus fast and revising well.
Efficiency while working is an important factor.We should read efficiently.Concentration is key for efficiency.Students should prepare with full concentration to achieve great.
5 top tips
1. focus more on chemistry and your weak chapters in all subjects. 2.prepare efficiently.plan every day and do not waste time.
3.always keep yourself  calm and confident rough work in exams neatly so that when you come back to questions later you need not restart again. 5.divide time wisely in exam.postpone any question that is taking more than the stipulated time.come back to those questions at the not get struck at a single can do may be 3 easy ones in that time.

common mistakes and to be avoided not get panic at any stage of preparation.even in the exam.tough question will be tough for everyone not only you.
2.avoid bubbling extremely careful while bubbling. not take the results of exams conducted by coaching institutes too seriously.always focus on the advance not feel over confident if you do well in internal exams also the opposite way.don't get discouraged if you don't do well in internal exams. not study references outside scope of jee.see the syllabus of jee.have a copy of the syllabus sheet.It is available online.It won't change much every previous year syllabus or latest if the subtopics in reference books or materials which are there in syllabus only.don't just read it continuously.
5.focus. Do not let your eye off the target. 
all the very best!!

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  1. i really aware for the preparation by this article.

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  3. hello im currently in standard 10 but im reading for 11th What should be my preparation strategy

  4. very demotivating......he completed the whole jee syllabus in class 11!!!!!!

    1. not demotivating but sort of constraint situation to recollect ones presence of mind with only 12 to 15 months left how to cope with it now. but yeah good for students in class 10th

  5. Can you say what was your strategy before and after getting the jee question paper.

  6. Which section should be attempt first while solving test papers?

  7. Which section should be attempt first while solving test papers?

  8. Did u mean rd Sharma objective or the iit mathematics book

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  10. Hey aman I had a doubt in my mind.
    Due to some reasons I messed up my board exams and I am expecting a percentage less than 75. On the other hand my jee preparations are going very well and I am expecting a rank less than 1000 I'm advance. If I am unable to score 75% will I get admission in IIT for securing rank less than 1000? I belong to general category

  11. Haha! I can't be serious.
    Edit : i am sure i'll fail JEE XD

  12. all about to gain the knowledge.if you're not interested in science then leave this...

  13. Please reply,I am in class 11 and following same strategy but I am not getting that, when did he solve dc Pandey series, while revising, or in 1st year simultaneously with preparations or in left 5 months for mock test etc plz reply

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