Saturday, 7 September 2013

Life @ IIT-B...

Friends, parties, gossiping, hostels, assignments, fun, competitions, orientations, sports, rains, seniors, lingo, mentors, sleeping during lecture, food stealing, sleeping late night, ... this is all I can say about IIT-Bombay...
Being at a place which is a "Dream place" for innumerable students has a different experience. Life @ IIT-B is simply awesome.
Its been some one and a half months here and life is amazing. Think of any random activity, and you will find a dedicated club for it here.
You get to know the brilliant minds of the country. People here are simply D-Best. They are good at everything - from academics to sports - All rounders.
There is a hill (Sameer Hill) and a beautiful lake (lake Powai) inside the campus. The campus is literally what you can call as - Green Campus.
The freshies have been allotted Hostel 15-B (I stay at the tenth floor :) ), and the view from my room is beautiful. Sky touching buildings of Hiranandani can be seen...
Here you are made familiar with a bunch of activities - RC plane designing, RC car designing, dance, music, sports, treasure hunts, techfest, mood indigo, Freshiezza, salsa, and many more.
A striking feature of IITB is "Tum Tum", the buses that ply inside the campus, and connect the hostels to the academic area. You can find IITians hanging at the door of buses, Strange isn't it ?? Yeah... you get all sorts of experiences here.

You get to enjoy sleeping during lectures, pain of engineering drawing (Tip: never talk to an IITian about his engineering drawing assignment... he will simply murder you), Computer lab assignments, difficult physics lab experiments, poor examination scores, night outs, etc etc.

Let's talk something different..
What do you call a girl at IITB ?? think??
Answer: visitor :P ... poor joke indeed but it's true.
Here in IITB there is a shortage of girls. People are mad about "Bandis", or rather "despo" about bandis, as you say that in IITB lingo
Here in IITB, I got an opportunity to try many different things - Table tennis, Drama, RC plane, Video making, Photography, Rubik's Cube, Skating and many more.
Coming to sports, there is a swimming pool, volleyball court, Kho-Kho, football field, athletics track, cricket field, hockey field, basketball courts, lawn tennis courts, weightlifting room, table tennis room, squash court etc etc and the best part is - you can try em all !!!
IIT bombay has it's own lingo, it's own dictionary - bandi, DAC, daya, matka, despo, ditch, DoSA, enthu, fart, farra, freshie, machau, give-up, infi, insti, junta, lukkha, mug, pain, poltu, SAC, sophie, tumtum etc are a few commonly used words.
Ragging: IITB has strict anti ragging policy. The seniors are more of friends and are too helpful. Seniors are ready to help you in all possible way. There is a mentor for this who basically is a kind of local guardian. Mentors help us in our problems and ofcourse, if there is a senior with you - then "treat to banti hai!!".
To end, campus life at IITB is an amazing experience. Prepare well for JEE and reach this place - Your life will change. Sacrifice everything to get to this place and you will get back more than what you sacrificed. 


  1. HELLO AMAN BHAIYA.... if u dont mind can i ask u ur score of jee advance?? so that i can get an idea of how much to score to get into top 100. i checked on internet to find marks vs. rank list of jee 2013 but couldnt find. so i m asking u..... thanks in advance.......

  2. Are you allowed to go outside the campus during weekdays?? I mean like during the evenings...

    1. We are permitted to go out of the campus any time so long we have out ID cards

    2. Does this apply to girls as well?

    3. Does this apply to girls as well?

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  3. Do u only enjoy at IIT-B ,or also study hard like how u did in those 2 years of 11th & 12th ?

  4. Well it might be silly to ask but still IS LIFE AT IIT-B stressful? Do you get enough free time to focus on stuffs u like apart from academics.
    How would u describe an average day of a student of IIT-B

    1. An average day goes with around 2-3 hours of study (which includes both lectures and self study) - at least in the first year.
      We study only the day before the exam (Well, I prefer to start studying 2-3 days before the exam).
      We play counter strike
      We watch movies
      We watch TV Shows
      We can be found online almost anytime on facebook and whatsapp
      We go out and party hard
      We play cricket/football/badminton
      We play computer and mobile games
      We roam aimlessly doing nothing
      We go to malls and watch movies (myself excluded from movies)
      We write extremely long posts on blogs because we have endless free time
      We answer numerous questions on Quora
      We play - we enjoy - we live our life to the fullest - We are IITians
      Proud to be in IIT Bombay!

  5. I'm just curious.... what exactly do you study in computer science and engineering?
    Is it only about programming, semiconductors, etc.?
    Do you study anything related to jee syllabus??

    1. I am in my first year where we are currently being taught the common course - maths, physics etc.
      Proper computer science will start in my next semester

  6. Why did you choose IIT b when there was one in your own city i.e. IIT K?

    Any specific reasons?


    1. Interesting question
      First of all, I would like to tell an experience.
      Once I was taken to iit kanpur in a school trip.
      I was fascinated by its beauty and that was a turning point in my life. Soon in jee 2010, my friend's brother secured an air of 125.
      I good atmosphere was created and I was highly motivated.
      I saw the closing ranks of various departments on jee website.
      Iit bombay cs- lowest closing rank - this is what I want
      The aim was - "I will choose my college and branch and not the other way"
      For entire 2 years, cs iitb was my target and my mother knew it.
      Next when the result came and I had to fill choice, I was in a dilemma.
      I wanted to go for CAT preparation
      So I wanted to join iit delhi because there are excellent coaching facilities in Delhi.
      My father wanted me to stay in iitk itself
      Finally, my mother knew my actual dream - iitb cs
      She told me that it's the best choice for me.
      So iitb cs was decided finally

  7. OK


    How are the exams in IIT, are they at par with JEE level beyond, because i hv seen u got great GPA's only reading 2-3 hrs a day(or so i think) are they easy moderate or what??


  8. Is it easy to survive the competition in the computer science dept? Because i dono much about comp subject! But still i am thorough with the basic school level codings! And many people do a lot programming at 11th and 12th itself! so will it be easy for me?

  9. Is there a problem if a freshie of computer science bring a computer with him?

  10. Could a freshie own a car at IIT bombay??

    pray tell !!

  11. Are there the usual counter strike gaming in the hostels like other engineering college hostels?

  12. I thought that you will not be free from but now i came to know that you enjoys the whole day. Don't you have any pressure or burden.........I known that i will clear IITJEE but didn't know that the life there is just awesome.................

  13. Someday Even I'll be there as your junior brother :) I'm sure you're having a great life over there..

  14. bhaiya how did you managed to revise all the 11th class topics and have had the same confidence on each chapter as you learned it first time.?????

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  17. how are the exams at iitb in first two semesters?
    can you please tell, which books are prescribed or which books did you study, in the first two semesters??

    thanks in advance.

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  19. Saw this video and literally my heart cried.It would be very motivating to see stuff about iits like events,incidents or your first day at iit. Anyways thanks for the wonderful blog.

    1. Thanks for sharing the video.
      I guess there is a 360 degree equivalent of that video someone shared on YouTube. You might consider having a look at it!

    2. The background music perfectly matches the video making it nostalgic. :) I hope I will make into it and may be meet you to thank you personally for this blog. :)

  20. What is your day to day schedule aman bhayya???

  21. What is your day to day schedule aman bhayya???

  22. Can I do a diploma in acting ( it require 6 months and timing are 9am to 5 am ) along with btech in IIT Bombay ?