Sunday, 27 April 2014

Most scoring topics for JEE Advanced 2014

Only a month left for JEE Advanced. This is a crucial period and can greatly improve your rank if utilized properly. There are some topics which are the most scoring topics. A firm command over these topics will surely boost your rank. Physics :
  1. Kinematics – Very simple questions are asked. If you keep the definitions in mind, then all questions will be easy
  2. Newton’s laws of motion – Knowing how to draw a free body diagram will greatly help in solving almost all problems of this chapter
  3. Simple harmonic motion – Energy conservation method will be useful in finding time period in even the most complicated cases of SHM
  4. First law of thermodynamics – Knowing the statement of energy conservation will help you to solve a number of numericals and theoretical questions as well
  5. Current Electricity – A good practice of Kirchoff’s law problems will help you to score cent percent in this topic
  6. Radioactive decay – The radioactivity decay formula will be the most useful tool in solving almost all the problems
Mathematics :
  1. Conic sections – Knowing the formulas well will help you. The parametric form is one of the most useful tool in solving problems of conics
  2. Quadratic Equations – knowing the fundamental properties regarding nature of roots / intervals in which roots lie will help you
  3. Progression and series – very scoring and simple chapter. Knowing the definitionsand practising ample of problems would be useful
  4. Differentiation – Keeping the formulas in mind will help. Geometric interpretation of derivative is an important concept. A number of simple questions are asked which can be done with ease
  5. Vector Algebra – Knowing how to visualize the situation will be useful. The concepts of vector and scalar triple products are most scoring
Chemistry :
  1. Alkyl Halides – Simple questions based on reactivity / type of reactions are asked and can be cracked easily
  2. Electrophilic aromatic substitution reactions of benzene – standard reactions are the most important. Direct questions are asked from this chapter
  3. Chemical Equilibrium - Knowing the basic equation of equilibrium along with a proficiency in solving ideal gas equation problems will definitely fetch you full marks
  4. Chemical Kinetics – First order reactions are asked in JEE and are easy if you know the basic definitions
  5. Ores and Metallurgy - Standard questions are asked which can be done easily
  6. Coordination compounds - isomerism is an important but easy topic and you can easily score 100% in this
These are just the few easy / scoring topics. Ideally you should try to cover the entire syllabus well. Focus on these topics and you will crack JEE with flying colours.


  1. How to solve numerical problems fast with tricks

  2. Do the scoring topics change every year?

  3. Is it necessary to study and memorise all formulae and results in coordinate geometry .

  4. In chemical kinetics, is 2nd order reactions there for mains and/or advanced?

    1. 2nd order is not in JEE (main and advanced) syllabus

  5. In which order should i attempt the paper?

    1. How to solve problems fast and remember which concept is used in it.suppose if I am reading Motion in straight line how do I remember all concepts and know my potential to crack different problems.

  6. How to solve problems fast and remember which concept is used in it.suppose if I am reading Motion in straight line how do I remember all concepts and know my potential to crack different problems.

  7. Please write a post on "How to prepare for BITSAT?"
    There are some topics(eg.-Pair of straight line, sphere,RS Configuration,DL Configuration etc.) that I have heard from which questions are asked almost every year in BITSAT. How to approach? Also please include the importance of Bonus questions.

  8. How to solve problems fast and remember which concept is used in it.suppose if I am reading Motion in straight line how do I remember all concepts and know my potential to crack different problems.

  9. If I concentrate on these topics properly and finish them. Is it possible to get AIR below 1000 ?

  10. Aman , did you give BITSAT ? If you did can you comment on the level of the paper? Was it similar to say , for example : AIEEE 2005?

  11. Which book did you use for coordination compounds?

  12. In JEE 2013, a question was asked from organic chemistry:
    The hyperconjugative stabilities of tertiary...........
    Actually it was a question from orbital theory.... I haven't given importance to those minute details, and am fearing the most that I'll under-perform due to those, because in the past years JEE has asked numerous theoretical questions over numerical ones... Also there was a numerical question, the no of lone pairs of electrons on melamine. I think it's actually out of syllabus, as in the syllabus it was mentioned that from polymers only teflon, natural rubber, PVC, cellulose & nylon are there... What are your suggestions on these...???

  13. Hi Aman
    1. I am totally confused about the topics determinants and matrices. Till now I haven't started it properly. Even for solving determinants and matrices from TMH I need to have a hold on these topic. So from where will you suggest me to do determinant and matrices (except my school text book)
    2. Is it the correct time to solve Arihant (dc pandey) physics subjective problems level 2
    3. I have 3 choices for inorganic chemistry 1. to solve only from fiitjee booklet 2.To solve previous iit problems 3.To solve both what will you suggest

  14. Could you please tell us how to analyse the papers we write?

  15. Hi aman
    I am currently doing the miscellaneous subjective problems in rc mukherjee is this the highest level of advanced problems or should i do more
    Now my main question is should i do all the previous 32 year problems (there was a question in advanced 2013 chemistry based on previous year question) or only stick to completely solving resonance revision package ? regards

  16. hi... srinivas i you can solve your resonance problem using some tips..for more info see here..

  17. During revision for JEE ADVANCED..solving Irodov and equivalent books in Chemistry and Maths(i'm talking about their relevance with IIT JEE) OR solving revision packages....which is better?(in this case if u suggest revision packages I wont touch Irodov at keeping this in Mind please answer)

  18. Hie aman bhaiya how to solve 5000 gues on all topics of iit in a 4 months and i remembered all formula n clear all concept please give me time table