Saturday, 26 April 2014

Countdown begins

Exactly 30 days left for JEE Advanced 2014
Almost 99% of you will have just 1 question in mind - 
What is a good plan of action to maximize my rank in JEE Advanced ?
Well I cannot directly give you a plan. I believe that making your own plan would be a better idea. I will list down a few guidelines that will surely help you in this.

  1.  Keep a target in mind. You should clearly know that what rank you want. Do you just want selection ? Or do you want a 3 digit rank ? Maybe a rank under 200 ? A rank with which you can get Electrical engineering in IITX ? Or anything else. It's a good idea to keep this figure in mind and get an idea of the statistics associated with your target. You should be aware of the opening and closing rank of the branch that you want. You should be aware of "marks v/s rank" statistics of JEE 2013. You can find all this on JEE website. Though I wouldn't recommend wasting much time on this.
  2. From now onwards, I am assuming that you have completed the "Whole" of JEE syllabus , secured more than 113 (last year's cut-off) in JEE Main (so that you are probably eligible to write JEE advanced) , and you are weak in only a few topics. So, this idea is as follows : Note down all those topic in which you are weak. This is a difficult task. You can't just write "Mechanics" in this list of topics because you are weak at it. Mechanics is a huge division of Physics. You need to clearly mention the "chapter" at which you are weak - say "Fluid mechanics".
  3. Now once the list is made , try to further go into the depth and find out the exact area in which you are weak. Say, "Bernoulli's equation" or "Conservation of angular momentum".
  4. Now, you will have a concise list in which the rank deciding topics are mentioned. These are the topics that will decide your rank. If during this 1 month gap, you are able to cover them, then it's quite sure that your rank is going to be enhanced. So, again the nagging question remains unanswered - "What to do now ?"
  5. Well now pick up the standard prescribed books for those topics and try to read the theory of that topic from the books. Weak at permutations and combinations ? Read Arihant or maybe RD Sharma. Weak at Ionic Equilibrium portion ? Read OP Tondon.
  6. Another important aspect would be to ensure that you have covered these topics from NCERT well. Since you are appearing for JEE advanced, it is expected from you that you have covered at least NCERT level of problems even from those topics in which you are extremely weak. So, better read NCERT to get an idea of the topic and ensure that you are done with all possible theoretical questions of NCERT level. A good idea would be to give a try to the Exemplar problems provided by NCERT which can be found here :
  7. Note that these topics will suck a major portion of your time. So, you have to be smart in time management. You should smartly handle both strong and weak topics. A critical balance between the 2 will optimize your rank. It is important to note that spending time "only" on the weak areas will be disastrous because you may forget your strong areas as well. So, keep revising.
  8. You need to increase your study hours in the month of May - or better from tomorrow. Your competitors in Kota/Delhi/Hyderabad/etc are striving hard to get ahead of you and with each hour that you are wasting, they are going ahead of you. They will get better ranks and you will remain defeated. It's better to fix this in your mind and take this as a motivation to study as much as you can. If you are aiming for a 2 digit rank, then a minimum of 10 hours of study is recommended per day at this crucial time.
  9. For those who are done with the syllabus and do not have any major weak areas - I would suggest you to keep practising problems from various sources. Also, I would advice you to go through past year JEE problems once again. Don't ignore the subjective ones. Subjective problems will help you to develop your concepts in a better way. They will help you to analyse your real understanding of the concept and will prove to be helpful. Just another month more of rigorous hard work and "Hurray!!! Welcome to IIT"
  10. So, plan for you people would be to read your notes and solve questions. Nothing else. Just solve as many problems as you can. Take mock tests, solve questions, eat, sleep. Don't exhaust yourself. Stay calm. Don't waste your time in an unnecessary argument with anyone. Each minute is precious. Also make full use of that "Next day plan" strategy that I had mentioned in some other recent post.
  11. For those who are weak in some topics, I would suggest you do divide your time equally between "Revision" and "covering weak topics". You need to put in extra efforts to come back in the race.
To conclude, I would say is that make full use of this time.
The student who wastes this time would be wasted.
There is a good saying - "Waste your time today and tomorrow time will waste you".
All the best
You are free to post "all" types of doubts here because I couldn't entertain your doubts in the past few days


  1. Well I have made a plan.For the weak ones, I am gonna do my class notes, and maybe look at some problems from the modules. But I am stuck with what I should do with the strong ones. Should I Do their class notes too or start their practice right off?

  2. Is it wise to solve FIITJEE GMP+RTPF IN BETWEEN THE TIME GAP of JEE MAIN & ADVANCED?or should it be done beforehand?

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  4. hi aman,i have already prepared list of my weak areas BUT!!!
    i am not able to decide which book/books is the best to overcome my weakness

    1. well go through various posts to know about books

  5. hi aman bhaiya .well i am jee aspirant 2016 and I'm in 11th standard and i've started going to coaching classes.i want one suggestion about my books which i've bought from market:-
    rd sharma and a das gupta for maths
    hc verma for physics
    op tandon for physical chemistry
    cengage for oraganic chemistry
    jd lee for inorganic chemistry
    and last but not the least ncert of maths ,physics and chemistry.
    i want to ask that whether these books are sufficient for me cracking iit jee both main and advance with a good rank.
    i am waiting for your suggestion about my books.

    1. you will waste time doing o.p tandon physical chemistry if you do it now.

    2. @rock_star
      why are you saying this? actually, I am enjoying OP tondon

    3. @rock_star, probably you misread... he is appearing in 2016..

  6. Hi Aman,
    Please make a post on preparation of IIT in a year....

  7. i have a very specific doubt: is the part on "OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS" in ray optics included in the advanced syllabus?

    Secondly, assuming that the pattern remains same as 2013, how would you approach the paper on the D-day among the following options?
    option 1: solve all the questions of particular type first...for example solve all the integer type questions of all the three subjects first...and so on

    option 2: solve subject wise

    option 3: solve difficulty-level wise.....which means, solve the easy questions of all the three subjects in the first reading...then give a second reading for the moderate ones..then difficult.

  8. Hello Aman , my question is..... the thing is i was preparing well for jee mains 2014 in mock tests and all i used to get above 250 and above i had high hopes but ended up getting 200 odd score jee main paper 11th....well i analysed my mistakes thing was i started with physics my strongest subject started off with toughest question wasted 10 minutes on that and got only 4 questions in next 20 minutes for some reason i had gone blank!so i moved on to chemistry i finished it in 40 minutes easily then math too went ok but in tha last hour when i returned to physics i still cpuld not solve many questions.......when i came home i did them easily no problem like see i have finished irodov mechanics and my instis modules....but screwed up math and phy on jee day. ALso my weakness was chemistry which i put my effort on after board exams hence ended up doing really well (96/120) but actually my strong subjects are physics nd math .....i asked my teachers they said i had very poor examination skills also they said i should study all 3 subjects per day not only my weak subject chemistry please help me out bro i would be very greatful i know i have the poential to be an iitian......also right now i am working on those paper skills and have already improved much according to institute......currently doing revision.... i have nothing to lose i have already ensured a good college so i can give max to jee advanced so please motivate me and guide me... thank you .

    1. your teachers are correct
      don't be over confident
      join a test series

  9. i want to know the minimum percentage of marks in iit advanced to attain Top-50 AIR?it would will better if you subdivide and also say the weightage and minimum percentage for top50 AIR in each subject.


  10. Aman Bhaiya! i have got a doubt ! should i give more tests ( AITS ) of fiitjee now a days or just solve those papers at home and not waste time


    1. at this time, I had stopped giving fiitjee test series papers
      i though it was a waste of time because 1 whole day was spent
      so it's better to practice at home
      read the weak concepts
      revise inorganic chemistry
      solve past year problems

  11. Did you also have any weak topic a month before jee advanced?

  12. what is to be done between the 2 hour break ( actually of about 1 hour 20 min as we have to submit p1 and reach early for p2 )

  13. around what ranks did u get in fiitjee aits?? do u think a lot of people give it like u got air 33 so how many students ahead of u gave fiitjee aits?? i generally get a rank in top 10(2,6,3,7,15(open test)) so around what rank will i be able to get in jee advanced??

    1. well a rank in top 10 in fiitjee aits means that you have the potential of getting a 2 digit rank in JEE

  14. I want to have a gud command on more than one options correct type questions as it carries 132/360 in jee advanced.plz help me.what way I should prepare for this?

  15. I want to get command on more than one type questions as jee advanced has 132/360 marks MCQs with more than one options correct.what way I should prepare for these parts.

    Reply me plz as soon as u can.

  16. Hi Aman Bhaiya, I am JEE 2015 Aspirant. It is said that 40% marks of board + 60% of jeemains will be added but jee mains result has already come and the board results would be announced till the end of may. so what is the matter.... I am confused, Please explain.....

    1. Your'e only given the marks, and based on that you'll either be eligible or non-eligible to write JEE Advanced. This year it's 115, previous year it was 113... At this period, they only tell you whether you're eligible... You are not given any AIR... The complete AIR, considering the board and JEE main marks, will be declared by 7-7-14... Hope you get the answer to your question..

  17. Hey Aman bhaiya ! Can you suggest about how to utilize 50 days between mains and BITSAT to optimize our BITSAT scores . I know that you haven't appeared for BITSAT but can you contact your friends and all since they all have god scores like 430,443 ,446 and all . There are so many aspirants and your blog followers in need of such a post.
    Thanks a lot sir ! It'll be really helpful for us .