Monday, 17 November 2014

Planning the end

This post targets JEE 2015 aspirants.
Roughly 6 months to JEE - May 24, 2014 is the date for you.
The time is roughly mid of November - the time when most of you (who started the preparation in 2013) must have completed the syllabus and are heading for revision work.
So here are some pointers on "how to revise" :
Since most of the serious JEE aspirants are enrolled in some or the other coaching institute, I will first discuss the revision strategy for them.
So, since your coaching material is meant exclusively for JEE, it is a good idea to start with your coaching booklets/notes (which you made). These notes are "to the point" and are surely going to help you for revision. It's always better to revise from notes. Reading same old book again and again is not only boring but also its of no use because you are not necessarily learning anything new. So, Start with coaching notes
When you are done with notes, you might decide to solve problems. Specialized revision packages like the ones provided by FIITJEE/Resonance are no doubt useful for JEE - but make sure to stick to the syllabus.
Specifically for inorganic chemistry, I would like to mention that revising from NCERT is the best option because of the past year trends in JEE which say that a majority of inorganic chemistry questions are from NCERT directly.
Moving on to those people who aren't enrolled in any specific coaching institute - you people have no choice other than books. Don't get disheartened if you do not have access to "FIITJEE" or "Bansal" material - you are not losing anything. Where there is a will, there is a way. Work hard and you'll end up being the best. All you need is a good planning methodology.
Start with standard textbooks - HC Verma, DC Pandey, LG Wade, NCERT, OP Tondon, TMH, RD Sharma, etc. Start absorbing the formulas. Make a diary mentioning those things which you tend to forget - and make sure to revise this diary again and again.
Parallel to revision, you should focus equally on problem solving - from revision packages (which you can purchase from the market) as well as from books.
The aim is "not to forget whatever has been done already".
Work hard, stay motivated and you'll end up with flying colors in JEE


  1. Again an amazing blog salute u aman

  2. Aman Im a student at fiitjee writing JEE 2015. I was doing decently until a last few months and I've been in a slump. My performance has deteriorated drastically and I'm not scoring well in the aits. Could you help me with my approach in the next few months.

  3. again an awesome post.....keep going.........!!!!!!!!!

  4. Any idea on Allen Study Material & Test Series?

  5. NCERT Inorganic - is it recommended for only s & p-block questions? Or all the chapters?

    And generally while covering from NCERT (both physics & chemistry), is it required to cover only the theory or the problems also?

    The exam year is 2016.

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  8. i am preparing of jee 2016. in my coaching about 70 percent of class 11th syllabus has been will be completed till 31st january . now in our coaching (bansal classes) the review tests are those tests whole of the syllabus taught to us till now comes.i am getting 280-290/360 marks in jee mains exam and 260/360 marks in jee advanced exam.but i am not able to increase my score from these from last 2-3 months. i am getting 260 marks in jee advanced paper from the last 3 tests. i feel that i have forgotten some concepts of chemistry like periodic table.i make mistakes in chemistry most.also i am not able to do well in physics due to my weak points viz Centre Of Mass,Linear Momentum And Moment Of Inertia.please tell me how to overcome them i will be grateful.i want to improve my score in the next test scheduled on 20th december.please hep me

  9. How to balance between school revision exams throughout December and February and JEE Adv prep? ( I am a class 12 student, and an admirer of yours)

  10. Dear bhaiya, plz post a revision strategy for the droppers. I am a dropper and did score a rank around 10000 this year. Bhaiya my course is speeding up and i am hardly getting any time to start revision at this point of time. My course will be completed by end of february. But i am really worried as to how I will be revise it all in that small interval of time. There are many of my batch mates are also facing similar problems.. Plz post something for the droppers as all of your advice is applicable mainly for the two year guys. Thankyou

  11. I am a repeater nd very serious about jee i am confuse rather to read theory hardly or practice much problems lead me to success if I read theory more and more I will not be able to practice much questions because of time problem pls help me what should I do problems or theory I will be greatful to you if you will help me

  12. Hi Aman.In Mathematics section you have posted a pic of set of books.Are they recommended and should i go for them(especially calculus by maron),as i have ample of time.Or have you posted them as a section starter pic.??

    1. I've practiced ia maron and hardly found it takes lots of time for each and every question

  13. i am rohan raman i am in class 10 how do i prepare from here on

  14. I am Rohan in class 10, attending VMC Coaching classes. Do I join a regular school or a dummy school in class 11? what are the reference books for class 11 & 12, subject-wise? How important is JEE viz class 12 Marks under the new pattern? Did you give SAT, do you recommend it?

  15. By specialized revision packages do you mean -- Review packages or GMPs.Which one is better for JEE?

  16. Hello Bhaiya,
    I just want to know does Kaysonseducation Makemeiitian package helps you.

    Please tell.
    Thanks in advance

  17. Hello Aman,
    I'm JEE 2016 aspirant and I want AIR<350 as I'm only interested in CSE and nothing else. I joined a dummy school which I attend every Friday. But the problem is that I wasted past months with little preparation that too only up to JEE MAINS level. But I'm damn serious right now. How do you think I can catch up to my classes and handle the topics going on simultaneously. I'm really tense! Please help! Topics going on in my class right now (as of 1 Jan,2015) :-
    Chemistry- Inorganic> Done up till Chemical Bonding
    Organic> Nomenclature done, isomerism going on
    Physical>All done up till P-block(till carbon family) heading for Salt
    Maths:- Trigonometry> Properties of triangles is going on
    Algebra>All done except for Probability
    Physics:- Mechanics>Rotational mechanics going on
    Ray Optics> Plane mirror just got over
    Thanks for this awesome blog!

  18. hello amam bhaiya.i am a jee 2017 aspirant.u said that the best way to revise is notes.but the thing is i haven't written my notes properly.i didn't realize its importance at that time.somewhere i am missing on theory, somewhere i haven't written questions given in class,somewhere i have only que and no answers so i cant practice them again.somewhere.this is creating a major problem in teacher,though a very fantastic teacher,didn't teach us systematically so somewhere middle of hydrocarbons i have aldol condensation mechanism and so on..this is creating a lot of confusion.also,to explain concepts thoroughly he has taught us many mechanisms and other things that are beyond the scope of jee.somewhere it is obvious that this is not in syllabus somewhere it isn't. also thinking of referring a textbook give me goosebumps(we were recommended to buy morrison and boyd)-considering the amt of matter i need to cover up and the less organic is extremely weak.what should i do?
    also recently my coaching divided us into diff groups based on our performance and then gave us targets.i am in grp which has been give target-jee adv air less than 5000 (there r 2 grps abv me with targets as sub 500 and sub 1500).but my target is to get cse in one of the old iit's which requires a lot better air than it still possible given my current situation and time?i mean is it practically possible?pls help me.
    thanks for reading