Tuesday, 6 January 2015

JEE tips by JEE 2014, AIR 2

Here is an article by my junior in IIT Bombay, Sai Chetan who secured an All India Rank 2 in JEE 2014



  1. hey there,
    first, i found your blog very useful. i am a jee 2017 aspirant and i have joined aakash in april and till now i have just wasted time and now i have realized my mistake and my dream is to get AIR <50 and i can do anything for it.but main problem is many topics i am reading now have topics which were taught before and i am not able to understand the topics. due to this my base in all PCM is bad and if continue i will not able to achieve my dream. and my name is always last in tests results and i feel demotivated seeing my friends getting more than 95% in every single test. even my parents dreams and money is involved in it. now i want to build strong base in PCM and want to fall in LOVE with PCM. how should tackle this problem.and sometimes i think that to get AIR<50 you should be god gifted and you should have by-birth talent. and i just scored 9.6cgpa in 10th.
    i am feeling very low and i am feeling that IIT-B is just for god gifted people.
    please help me bro how should i tackle this problem and achieve my dream.

    hoping a lot from you.

    1. This should help you - http://amangoeliitb.blogspot.in/2015/09/instructions-to-post-doubts-that-will.html

  2. The above given link is not working Bhaiyaa....