Friday, 20 February 2015

Time for Board Exams

As we all know, the time for board exams is approaching. It becomes very hectic to manage competitive exam preparation parallel to board exam preparation (I am not considering board exams in the set of competitive exams).
By now, JEE 2015 aspirants must be aware of their potential - the rank which they can get in JEE.
So, depending on what you feel about yourself, you might fall into one of the following categories :

1.) Absolutely a noob : Heard of JEE only a couple of months back. In this case, sit back and relax. Appearing for JEE Advanced will waste your pocket money. Prepare hard for board exams and try to do as good as possible in JEE Main. Just NCERT, and nothing else

2.) Aiming for JEE main, but not JEE advanced : In this case, stick to NCERT. Make sure that you are well versed with the book. You don't need any other book but make sure that you have solved past year papers. It is very easy to strike a balance between JEE Main and CBSE preparation. Just study NCERT hard, keep practicing - ensure that your speed is maintained and you'll clear JEE main with flying colors

3.) Struggling to clear JEE Advanced : You are almost on the same line as that of a student aiming for JEE main. However, it is good to practice past year JEE papers (at least JEE 2008 onward). Study hard for board exams. If you are unsure of your selection in JEE advanced, JEE main might serve as a good backup to get you a decent NIT.

4.) Sure of clearing JEE advanced : In this case, you can decide not to devote much time to board exams preparation. Note that you should never be over-confident about yourself. It is always good to consult teachers and only then decide this. Keep practicing problems, studying from NCERT, revising coaching material and standard textbooks, test series papers, etc

5.) Sure of clearing JEE advanced with at least a 3 digit rank : Sit back and relax. Don't give a damn to board exams. In the worst case, you might end up with at most a 4 digit rank which is still fine to get you into an IIT. Start preparation (for board exams) a couple of days ago. Focus solely on JEE preparation - books, notes, revision packages, test series papers. Keep practicing and never give up. It is always good to try harder problems than your level.

All the best to everyone


  1. And Mr Goel did it again!! Once again a wonderful post keep it up!!

  2. seriously!!!??? Is it possible to get into nit ...
    m a 2016 aspirant .
    i have a monthly collage exam on dec and 2 preparatorys on jan lab exam ...
    i regret my decision of joining atate syllabus as u have to mug up a lot .
    Current state started ..studying dc pandey ...
    organic knowlegde not good ...still scored 99 in chemistry ...(state syllabus toldya !;) )
    math ..poor (never studied)
    chemistry ( never mind )
    Basically im totallly demotivated devasted ...just recovered from brain tumor ...
    everybodys ahead of me ...i just aim for nit ....
    i feel like even thats not possible now .

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