Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Hard Work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard

Yes, you read it right.
I will tell you my own story here.

About me - I am a B.Tech Second year, Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate student at the prestigious IIT Bombay - a place where many aspire to go, but only some get through.
Well, just like you or any other student, I was also in the same place 2 years back - JEE on the head! Back to back exams - Boards, Olympiads, JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT and what not!

We as the quote suggests, hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.
I was a very average student in school - just to tell you, I got 23rd rank in school in class 6th. I was not a topper until class 9th.

But I had faith in myself - I knew that I can do anything I want - I knew my potential.
I was not at all "born intelligent by birth". I don't have a super high IQ or a super huge memory. I am just an average student just like anyone else.

Now that must be bothering you - JEE 2013 AIR 33 saying that he is an average student! How come ???
Well, then let me tell you about myself.
I spend hours and hours studying a topic. It takes me approximately twice the amount of time to learn something which someone else can do in a small amount of time.
Well, you might think that's weird, but really, it was the case that I had to spend endless time to learn something which my friends did quickly!
So what to do now ?
Talent seems to be failing here right ?
Work hard ...
Hard Work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard
Its really true.
I have seen it and experienced it. What I am today is not because of any inborn talent, but solely because of my hard work, commitment, dedication and patience.
For a JEE aspirant, getting a rank in top 50 is a dream come true.
I managed to fulfill my dreams solely with my hard work.

Even here in IIT Bombay, I have seen super intelligent people - who can understand absolutely anything in a single shot!
On the other hand, it takes me hours to figure out what's happening!
But, in the end, we are all level. Why ?

Hard Work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard
So, go ahead, dream big, achieve big, and most importantly, work really hard!
All the best for JEE Main


  1. Great post once again u r realy inspiring

  2. Hey aman what you wanna say about CBSE class 12 maths 2015 paper.According to me it was really tough.level is in between mains and advance.

  3. PLEASE could you tell me one thing -
    How could you focus when there are so many DISTRACTIONS in the damn world ?

    [JEE Aspirant 2015]

    1. hey trez,if you are a JEE 2015 ASPIRANT then you might know all the percentage of people who get through and all etc. they too had..or rather have to face a lot of tests(not the exam one) .this includes their ability to resist the distractions and all,,
      arpit agarwal(JEE 2012 AIR 1) said himself."i prayed to god not to get carried away.

    2. hey past me , your advice is vague, and this distraction disease is still there , even after entering IIT

  4. This post made my day, Giving Birth to new Hope.
    Worth Reading! Thanks Brother :)

  5. amazing article!!! as always :)

  6. Aman Brother thanks for the motivational line up i 'm exactly in your shoes but the fact of the matter is many toppers reveal their study hours and plan but they never reveal the books they prefered it's my humble request to u plz list the books u used to follow while preparing for jee

  7. Hi Aman,
    I am a JEE Advanced 2017 aspirant. From the beginning of the JEE preparations I was really attracted by Chemistry. I could solve almost any problem from Chemical Bonding, Atomic Structure, Periodic Classification of elements. But now when I came to Stiochiometry I am really feeling very uncomfortable with this chapter. How to master Stoichiometry?

    Another suggestion I want from you: I have enrolled in FIITJEE Durgapur, WB Center about 3 months ago. I have got such a batch where my batchmates are not at all interested in studies. I and some 5 or 6 friends answer the question and solve packages wholeheartedly. Teachers are also fed up with some students. There is not at all any competition and pressure in my batch. Now what to do? What next?


      Scenario of my batch: FIITJEE All India open test at the end of class 11th
      My score: 342 / 480 (National Rank 6th)
      The second best in FIITJEE Kanpur center: 240/480

  8. how did you stay motivated throughout your journey?

  9. Why is there a condition ? "If talent does not work hard"

  10. Thank you Aman,really,coz it takes me also a lot of time to understand a new topic and all my friends can understand in just one moment and this thing had been really making me feel such inferior to them.But now knowing that you also took a lot of time to understand a topic has just given me a moral boost to work even harder from now.

  11. Thanks!!!Please keep writing such stuff, you are really inspiring!!

  12. Hey aman bhaiya, I am jee dropper studying in fiitjee one year extended classroom program. I m not be able to solve problems. Even some of very simple problems which my friends do those in seconds. In class, While I m thinking about some questions, my friends got D answer. I feel so much demotivated. I want to be a topper in my batch and fiitjee like you. Pls suggest what to do.

  13. Not arrogantly but , if talrnt works hard the cant hardwork beat talent