Sunday, 29 March 2015

Importance of self confidence

Self confidence is a very important aspect of JEE preparation
From the day 1 of my JEE preparation, I was motivated to get an under 100 rank. Why ? Because I wanted IIT Bombay CSE. Soon I came to know that IITB CSE closes at ranks close to 60. I was shocked! But then I had a confidence that I can do it!
I remember putting a paper saying - target under 100 rank in my cupboard.
In the first all India Test of FIITJEE, my score was 153/240. I was indeed the topper of my center but at all India level, I was nowhere. 2 people had score 232/240!
That was a big big score!
Again, I had the required trust in myself. I knew that I could do it! I knew that I can fulfill my dreams!
I worker day in and day out.
A key aspect was self confidence.
You should always believe in yourself. However, you must never be over-confident.
Let me tell you an incident that happened with me.
In class 1st, I got 7th rank.
In class 2nd, I got 13th rank.
In class 3rd, my section was changed and a new section was created.
I got 1st rank in class 3rd and 4th.
I was too confident in class 5th - rather over confident is a better term.
I got 8th rank. My friends went ahead of me. I realized my mistake.
In class 6th, my school was changed to Kanpur's best school.
In my interview with the principal, she told my mother that I can top in a "not so renowned" school easily, but she will believe my potential only if I can top her school.
Well, I performed terribly in class 6th - ending up with a rank of 23rd (70.77%).
But I knew that I had to potential to do better.
I got a rank of 13th in class 7th.
In class 8th, in the second term, I got a rank of 4th. There was this girl G ahead of me (she got a rank of 3rd). I told her that next time, I will get 3rd rank and she taunted me by saying - uske liye padhna padta hai (for that, you have to study).
Well, those words pinched me indeed.
Anyway, I ended up with 6th rank in class 8th.
Next comes class 9th, term 1 - rank 4 and the topper of all 4 sections was just 7 marks ahead of me - ah! That did hurt - just 7 marks !!
Well, this time I made my mind that I will bridge this 7 mark gap.
Class 9th, term 2 - Topped all 4 sections with a margin of 14 marks.
Class 9th finals - Topped all 4 sections.
In the certificate distribution ceremony, the girl G was standing beside me and she asked me - yaar Aman kaise padhte ho itna sahi? (Aman, how do you study so well?). Well, that was a victory for me.
After that I never looked back. Just moved ahead, on and on and on.
I had realized my potential very well. I knew that I can really do anything if I work hard, trust myself and remain patient.
Class 10th - secured 97.4% and topped the school with a rank of 3rd in the city!
It has always happened with me that initially I don't perform well (as you can see from me school profile). But later on, I pick up and work very hard - having 100% faith in myself.

School - started with 23rd rank in class 6th, ended with topping school in class 10th.
JEE - started with 153/240 in the first test, ended with 293/360 in JEE Advanced (AIR 33)
B.Tech - started with 5/10 in first quiz, ended with a CPI of 9.86 in the first year

Well, to motivate you, here is my resume in this link which captures all my academic achievements so far. This was the resume that helped me to get a summer internship at Germany!

This summer (2015), I would be going to Germany for my summer internship. Candidates were shortlisted on the basis of resume and final selections were made on the basis of a personal Skype interview.
After my summers, I will surely write about my experience in Germany.
Till then, stay motivated, work hard, be patient, enjoy studies.
All the best for the upcoming exams :)


  1. aman bahiya,just wanted to know what was ur percentage in class 9.....

    1. 79.7 percent
      I know the percentage is low, but I topped my class
      Reason: We have very hard marking in internal exams

  2. Ah! So much change, in a single blog... well cool !

  3. I'm in 12th.I haven't completed 11th too well.I just wanted to know how much time does it really take to complete jee syllabus.Is it possible in 1-2 months.

    1. That sounds tough Ac Ac. Considering you haven't done too well in the 11th, you might need to work a bit more. Aman has made some interesting points in his February posts. Also, if you can read this article too - It could be useful. The other thing you must do before beginning preparation is take a mock test. You'll know where you stand and can then plan the rest of your preparation.

      All the best!

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    1. -_- don't follow his blog if you don't like it,
      It helps thousands of children to do better.
      So one idiot wouldn't really matter.

  7. hi aman bhaiya i ended up with 230 in jee main so to start advanced what will ur guidance for mine although i expected about 300 marks in jee mains but got the paper late let it be but i want to hit bull's eye in advanced so wht u had done in ur case

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  9. Bhaiya , please tell me that in how much time you use to finish chapters like "permutation and combination" in class 11th.....cause i wanna know that my speed is good enough or not.....thank you.

  10. Bhaiya , please tell me that in how much time you use to finish chapters like "permutation and combination" in class 11th.....cause i wanna know that my speed is good enough or not.....thank you.

  11. Looking great work dear.I really appreciated to you on this quality work.Nice post!! this tips may help me for future.