Sunday, 29 March 2015

Mentoring not just JEE aspirants

I have been mentoring a number of JEE apirants through my blog.
At the moment the blog has received some 443k page views.
The concept of the blog was started to help JEE aspirants. But soon I realized that I personally love mentoring and guiding students.
So, in my first semester, I applied for a TAship.
For those who don't know who a TA is : 
Well, a batch of 42 students is allotted a TA (Teaching Assistant) who works under the professor to solve tutorial problems and discuss doubts. We are paid for being a TA by the institute.
I am supposed to take 1 tutorial session of 1 hour every week in which I solve some 10 tutorial problems.
In my third semester, I took the TAship for MA105 (the basic calculus course).
Currently I am the TA for Electricity and Magnetism course which is a mandatory course for all the departments.
TAs are selected on the basis of their grade in that particular course.
Under me are 42 students, almost equally divided into CS and Chemical.
That is, I have under me, some 20 CS students and 20 chemical students.
It feels great to help them.
Here is the feedback that I received as a TA in my semester 3

The students under me are simply brilliant. Some of them have better JEE ranks than me. My rank beta (rank son) is also my tutee (tutee = student). He secured an AIR of 33 in JEE 2014 and so, he is my rank beta. My own rank baap is also in IIT Bombay CSE (3rd year). He got an internship at GOOGLE!

Enjoying the work of mentoring, I also applied for DAMP mentorship.
DAMP stands for department academic mentorship programme.
In IIT Bombay CSE, some 6 students of second year are allotted a DAMP mentor who is generally a 3rd or 4th year student.
Having good academic record and good peer reviews, I have been selected for DAMP mentorship as well. In my third year, I will have 6 second year students under me to mentor.
I hope to see you people as well in IIT Bombay.
All the best for competitive exams.


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  2. Hey aman,did you face difficulties in what would take place,SN1,SN2,E1,E2?

  3. Aman is it possible to do FIITJEE GMP in 3 months? For revision purpose?

    1. if not then RTPF?

    2. Depends on your potential
      I completed entire RSM in 2.5 months

  4. hi Bhaiyaa! i have my online exam on 10th and i have a few weak areas such as fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and 3d geometry! so should i focus on my weak topics or should i play to my stengths? plz help me out!

  5. Hello!
    I have regularly to your blog and I liked it. It's a nice one. Keep encouraging all the jee aspirants....
    I want to ask you that since I have selected in IITians' Pace Super 50 in New Delhi.
    Please tell me how is the FIITJEE RSM, tell me about its questions quality and about its theory part. And most important does this RSM Package contains error in the study material or error in the answer key and solutions. Is it better for me and how should I utilize it. What should I get in this package. Which is best for me FIITJEE RSM, VMC DLP or RESONANCE DLP. Which is best for AITS and why?
    PLEASE HELP ME in clearing my queries so I would follow that path. Please take out a few minutes for me from your busy schedule and answer my queries....
    Please Suggest me 2-3 books for CHEMISTRY....