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Introduction to a new blogger from IIT Kgp!

Hi, readers. My name is Kshitij Agrawal, an about to be sophomore at the Department of Civil Engineering at IIT-Kharagpur. I cleared the coveted JEE Advanced 2017 with AIR 2329 (Yeah this figure still haunts me very often, will write later how I screwed it) and have done quite well in JEE Main 2017 (AIR 854), cleared KVPY in Class 12 along with NSEA and RMO back in class 11.

It feels like a dream come true to write an article for a blog which has played the most important role in me reaching where I am. 10th April 2015, a journey started, filled with lots of ups and downs, daily failures and setbacks, I felt like giving up at many times mainly because of the reason I was preparing mostly by my own. JEE Main was never on my radar as nailing IITB with an awesome rank was my sole aim. Although I failed in making through it due to innumerable factors which I won’t put the blame upon, the journey from a careless, free-living child to a well-disciplined and quite mature person was worth living.

In a single line, I would describe my JEE Preparation Journey as “One hell of a ride”. I started facing setbacks and failure from day 1 like anything. By the end of class 10, I was an average student, did quite well in small-scale exams like SOF’s Olympiads, FTRE, and RESOSTART but never felt the enormous competition growing behind my back. The sudden change from a very compact class 10 course to an extremely vast JEE Syllabus shook me to the core. It took me about a month to catch up what’s going around. However by the time I had developed a fair amount of idea of what is going around in the national scene. Days passed and things went well only until I got to know that I failed to clear NTSE Stage 2. So here started my real JEE journey. Although I knew I had screwed the exam due to no guidance at all, the result was something unacceptable. But hang on, I still thank God for not giving me NTSE scholarship then as I would have become even more overconfident had that happened and would probably have even not qualified JEE Advanced.

Days passed, at times I performed well, most of the times much poor. One thing was constant throughout, I could solve Maths problems of almost any difficulty at ease (Although it was maths due to which I screwed both Main and Advanced :p), but faced difficulty to get my doubts of Physics and Chemistry cleared. I struggled a lot over these, read a large number of books, madly solved problems but again JEE demands much more than that. Anyway, I didn’t pay much attention to the support I lacked but worked my best on what could I have done on the limited resources available to me. Eventually, I cleared the first stage of Astronomy and Maths Olympiad and later on, in class 12 managed to sneak into the KVPY merit list. Then came JEE Main, I performed much better than my expectations from my performance in the various AITS I took. I tried all that I could have done in the 40-day gap, solved all previous year questions but ended up screwing really bad an otherwise very easy JEE Advanced Paper.

Do I regret spoiling Advanced? Yes, I do but not to the extent I did when I saw the results. One year at IIT-Kharagpur has made me realize that it’s not an exam that can decide your destiny. The life here is awesome with even more awesome people around. One thing which the institute and my peer group made me realise is “life has innumerable opportunities to offer and it’s just a matter of time when can one pounce on one such and create history”.

That’s all, a very brief introduction to my JEE Preparation phase albeit there are loads more of worth mentioning events but the ones mentioned perfectly summarize one of the most beautiful years of my life.



  1. Hi, readers. It's Kshitij here. Do write all of your queries related to JEE Preparation and I would be happy to answer them

  2. Hi, here are my doubts. Glad if you could answer them.
    Is it better for starting physics chapter after reading ncert with hc verma or coaching material?
    Whats the best way to study inorganic chemistry? Im making a combined notes from ncert and op tandon by grb publication. Should i also refer jdlee or these two books are good for theory? Is there a better way to study inorganic chem?
    Some say that solving coaching material is best while revising. So should i first go with arihant set of books or coaching materials after doing ncert?
    I have sir Aman goel’s A guide to get a top 50 rank in Jee and the how to get back in race after wasting 1 or 2 months. They have really helped.
    Thank you

    1. The arihant set of books was for maths. Skills in mathematics by arihant as suggested by Aman.

    2. Hi there.
      For Physics I would suggest reading the entire theory of HC Verma, solving all Objective I and II exercises and solving a few basic questions. After you feel comfortable at the basic questions you may continue with either of these 3 resources:
      1. Any Coaching material you have
      2. DC Pandey Series (Although didn't use much of it but have heard really good reviews)
      3. Cengage Series (Damn awesome collection of problems with enough and well explained examples, this series will teach you Physics from almost Zero level to zenith. But it requires immense patience to solve the otherwise exhaustive collection of questions)

      For Inorganic Chemistry go with reading NCERT completely by which I mean each and every line in it must be etched in your mind like anything. For practice I would recommend using either of these books for practice:
      1. V.Joshi (Cengage Publications)
      2. V.K.Jaiswal (Balaji Publications)

      Inorganic is not learnt by reading 10 books but by reading a single book very earnestly and sincerely 10 times.

      Hope that helps

    3. Also for your second query, I can't say much. Actually I used a mixed bag of books while first time preparation, like I managed to solve a large amount of mathematics problems simultaneously solving Coaching Material and other books. Actually for Maths I don't think there's any need to solve NCERT. Just pick up your Coaching Material and solve it completely and if time permits and you feel like doing more problems you may do Arihant Series.

      It would be beneficial for you if you could solve both at a time, atleast all JEE Main level and some standard problems from both and use the leftover problems while revision.

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    5. Thanks for replying, it solved my confusion regarding physics.
      Also, Im very weak at physical chemistry. Can you please suggest anything so I can master it and it wont affect my JEE rank? Eventhough i havent started, im planning to first read Ncert of a particular chapter and then continue with op tandon for physical chem(as suggested in this blog) for theory and problems. Is it enough or can you recommend a better way to study and master physical chem?
      And, how did you study organic chemistry?

    6. Physical : Never used OP Tandon so can't comment. I used Resonance and FIITJEE Packages along with problems from Book by Narendra Awasthi (Balaji Publications).

      Organic : I studied mechanisms partly from Cengage and partly from L.G.Wade. For problems MS Chouhan is a must.

    7. Hi kshitij.Thanks for taking your time and replying. Sorry for too many doubts.

      1.So for physical chem is solving problems from Narendra awasthi ( i have the book) enough to ace physical chem in jee?
      2. Also for theory in physical chemistry we have our coaching materials too but i prefer doing ncert and op tandon(as mentioned in the blog). Is that okay? Am i doing right for physical chem theory? If not whats the best way to cover theory for physical chem?
      3. And for physical chem problems, is it advisable to directly do problems from narendra awasthi book after reading theory? If not, then?

      4.In inorganic chem, i know NCERT is the god book but many suggest that we need to go a little over the ncert. So is giving inorganic chem by OP Tandon by grb publications a quick read to grab those extra missing points advisable? Or what else can we do after reading ncert throughouly to cover the extra information?
      5. Im giving jee next year. And have holidays till the end of may. So is it advisable to start reading LG Wade now. Im very much interested in reading it. If not, then what else is best way to cover organic chem theory and mechanisms so it wont affect my jee rank?
      6. For organic problems should i go for ms chouhan or my coaching material first?or any other is recommended?

      6. Our physics teacher who actually edited and went thorough our coaching modules objectives told me that all the types of problems mentioned in HC Verma are in the material too and i must first solve the material. But our material objective is very long for a particular chapter and i wont be able to cover it. So for now im planning to cover HC Verma as its the best books one can ever get for jee physics and of course i will do the coaching material obj in revision time as they complete syllabus by august. AM I doing the right thing? Or there a better way to study and clear backlogs of physics so it wont affect my jee rank?
      If possible, can you please elaborate your answers.

      Thank you for replying

    8. First of all there's no need to write "won't affect my JEE rank" everywhere, it sounds really creepy. Come on man study for knowledge, not for rank. If you keep worrying everytime about rank then you are wasting your time only. Don't waste your time thinking what rank would you get based on your current preparation. Keep studying without caring for results. And for your individual queries here you go:

      1. A big Yes
      2. I didn't had OP Tandon, Resonance, FIITJEE and NCERT material served as reading resources.
      3. Yes
      4. Again I read the entire Resonance Inorganic package along with NCERT and it was sufficient.
      5. I started reading LG Wade in October 2016, yeah 6 months before JEE. Hope it helps.
      6. Your Coaching material first. DON'T JUMP ONTO SOLVING MS CHOUHAN DIRECTLY. It is mainly meant for INChO but is must for having grip on some tough JEE Advanced problems.
      7. Well I think leaving coaching material untouched for revision may prove suicidal. See HC Verma is "NOT" the best book for JEE. It will teach you the concepts but not the various level of problems required for JEE. I would suggest to go on patiently solving your material first.

    9. Thanks alot for replying.
      And, i did not jnderstand how to convey ‘ complete It throughly and perfectly’ so i said ‘wont affect my jee rank’. Sorry if it was creepy. Thanks

    10. No issues, just don't worry about rank at this stage else everything may backfire.

    11. Sure, so its better to first do HC Verma completely and then go through coaching material in order to not leave it behind for revision?
      And is it advisable to make short notes of every chapter in math,phy,chem that would b of help in the end or drop the idea as its very time consuming to make notes and buy a handbook of formulae at the end?

    12. And, how do I overcome the fear of competition?
      I could not perform well in 11th grade as my family just moved to India from another country, so i had no idea about JEE and jee preparation and hence i have so many doubts. It was almost November2017 till i got some little clarity about the competition and then we had school exams. By the time i came to know how to prepare my 11th was almost over leaving me alot of backlogs.
      And when im studying and get stuck at something, i get demotivated and lose confidence by the thinking about the competition and about how many have been working hard since last year and they may beat me.
      Now its really scary that theres only 10months and so much syllabus left.
      So how i stop feeling fearful of the competition and gain confidence?
      Please help.

    13. I don't see the need of doing HC VERMA completely unless you are really uncomfortable at the subject. You may solve some standard problems, mainly Obj 1 and 2, some good exercise problems and then move onto coaching material.

      For making notes, I can't say about handbooks as I never used them. No need of making fancy notes, just note down the things you feel important while reading and that should serve the purpose.

    14. Don't think what others are doing. Let them do the way they want. Why do you spoil your time thinking of some imaginary people you don't know. I understand you may be under stress but it's pretty natural and happens with most people. Keep yourself motivated by the fact that atleast you are trying. There are lot many people who are simply wasting their time doing nothing. Keep studying is all what I can say. Don't think what happened in the past, it's gone. All what is in your hand is what you can do now. So stop thinking this much and keep studying :)

    15. Thank you,
      Also what should I do when I get stuck on a tough problem in math?
      How do i complete difficult chapters of physical chem on my own?
      In physics, for theory im reading my coaching material and for doubts im referring to resnick halliday, so before solving the objectives of hc verma can i skip the theory mentioned in hc verma of that chapter?
      Whats th right way to solve HC Verma?
      As im completing theory part of physics from above sources is it necessarily important to read ncert of physics again after reading all these?
      In math, now im covering 11th chapters, i didnt prepare well in 11th so i know all of the chapter conceptually but not clearly and i dont remember most unless i go through the text once. Is forgetting normal or should i consider it a problem and what can i do solve it and be confident about them
      What are some mistakes to be avoided during jee preparation?

    16. And you said,
      I don't see the need of doing HC VERMA completely unless you are really uncomfortable at the subject.—
      Please explain.
      For chapters which are clear to me should i skip doing hc verma or
      Can i first complete for problems, hc verma for all chapters problems to get a grip on physics cause i dint do well in 11th and i am weak and dont remember any chapters at physics also cause 12th is about to start and i have less time to do 11th syllabus in phy. Im really confused.

      Thank you.

    17. 1. Refer solutions, ask your teacher, refer similar examples/solved questions.
      2. Again refer the books mentioned in the blog, check out videos on YouTube.
      3. Depends on how much do you understand the topic. If you are comfortable with it, then you may avoid reading the theory else go for it first before solving.
      4. I myself never solved HC Verma completely ever. Just used it in class 11 to understand concepts and solved Objective I and II
      5. The answer is in your question itself. "I didn't prepare well in 11th so i know all of the chapter conceptually but not clearly". How can you expect to remember things when you didn't study properly. In your case it's normal as you didn't prepare in 11th, but that shouldn't be the case if you have prepared well.
      6. There's already a quora answer written by Aman. I don't find the link to it now. You may please search it on his Quora profile

    18. Thanks alot, and is it okay if i message you on quora?

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  4. Hi Aman. In your A guide to get a top 50 rank in JEE. After mentioning the set of books that should be followed, you said that after completely solving all those books, with a little more push a top 50 rank isnt hard to achieve. Can you please elaborate on what you meant by that “push”? What are the things needed to do for it? Im enrolled in a coaching institute and giving jee next year. I know that this isnt the right post/page to ask this but i asked it here rather than the old posts so it will be easier for you to look at.
    Thank you

    1. Push means hard work and dedication. What I meant was that solving the books isn't just enough. You need to have that right mindset for a top rank.

    2. Thanks for replying. Silly question.but, Whats the right mindset one needs to have for getting a top rank?
      And what can one do to develop it?

    3. I know its a stupid doubt. But im very confused about whats the right mindset and attitude and on how to develop it. Please reply. Thanks

  5. Hello
    I am a jee 19 aspirant. In our coaching they complete the whole syllabus (except chemistry) by June. What I want to ask is, would fiitjee rsm be a good option for revision next year, along with the material provided in or class? Also, I have been preparing sincerely from the beginning but I hardly remember some of the old topics, even tho I had practiced them well when they were done. Is this normal?

  6. I have the complete RSM package but didn't solve it till now. I have stuck with the books that are mentioned on the blog.

  7. RSM : Can't say, as the material is quite exhaustive to cover in one year span. First try to solve all your coaching material but for RSM, seriously can't comment as it would be difficult to complete the entire 2-year material in ~8 months. Instead, try doing your coaching material along with some books mentioned in the blog and during November try enrolling for Resonance Rank Booster. It is the ideal Revision Package which can be well covered in 3 months.

    Regarding forgetting things, if you forget a few topics it's okay provided you aren't blanked out in it. If you feel like forgetting any topic, don't waste time and start revising it first from your coaching modules.

  8. Don't directly jump on to solving RSM. It's somehow quite above JEE Level so may further demotivate you. First try to build your concepts. Don't blindly run into problem solving. Read ample theory from any reference book you like then try solving the mentioned books.

  9. I am a jee 19 aspirants.
    And I have a query that which class 11 chapters should I study wihw my current class 12 topics. Currently in maths functions is going and limit is about to start,in chemistry alkyl halides,in physics electrostatic.
    Well ,please tell me what is the right match of class 11 chapters for this.

  10. Hi Nikhil, well there's no specific set of topics you must study but what I would suggest is along with yiuryclass 12 topics going on try to work on the topics of class 11 you are weak at. Say you don't feel confident at Permutations in Maths, Fluid Mechanics in Physics and say GOC in Chemistry. So try to devote atleast 2 hours a day studying these topics for 2 days a week. Like 2 days Maths, 2 Physics and 2 Chemistry and on the last day of the week try to gauge your understanding by solving some unsolved problems from those topics. This will ensure that on one hand you keep revising class 11 stuff and also clear all your backlogs.

  11. Hi kshitij,
    I have time till the end of the month may(not holidays but no classes in coaching i may have to attend a few days), so What can I do to utilise my time as much as possible and my backlogs get cleared and wont affect my rank? What would be the best thing to do that it benefits my time enormously? I have many backlogs and i am seriously worried about them. I have all the books mentioned and needed. Im very confused pls help

    1. First of all try to read the theory of the topics you are weak at. Make sure that you are conceptually sound before attempting problems. Once this is done try to solve few basic level problems from the topic you covered. If you feel good to go then continue solving more higher level problems else try to read the theory again and see what part you are not able to understand. It's a slow process but by ensuring consistency you will surely master your weaknesses.

  12. Hi.
    There are few things in my mind.
    1. My teacher told us not to use DC pandey & Cengage for JEE preparation. He told us that these books teaches wrong concept. He advised us to use only Package,CPPs,HC verma & Irodov.
    But I feel that solving package and CPP alone doesn't give me grip over the subject.What should I do?

    2. Secondly, I have a doubt in my mind.I am new in grooming(top batch).Here syllabus completion is superfast. Students also complete Packages,Cpps, HC verma in just 4-5 days.I have consulted my teachers regarding this.They have told me that just adapt yourself in this environment. Eventually, you will cope up with it.I wanted to know that toppers really go to such extent of dedication & Hardwork? Just for an EXAM?

    1. Firstly I feel your teacher is quite wrong. Go and ask out any IITian and almost all of them would have used these books for JEE. Regarding teaching wrong concept, had that been the case how do several people without much support crack JEE. The books are well written and atleast I haven't found them misleading.

      For your second query, I feel very sorry for you that you have still not understood what JEE is. You call it an exam? I mean seriously.Come on man It's an emotion for many. Go and ask any top ranker and you would get to know how much attached they are to their preparation even after graduation. The constant fear of losing a spot in the institutes they have dreamt of from I don't know how long makes them work hard.They want to explore beyond their limitations and getting into IITs is like a passport to it. Mind you you may quote my words Unless you get the desire to break your bondages and achieve something significant in life you are surely going to just ponder over such baseless questions. Sorry if I sounded rude but that's reality.

  13. How is Aakash AIATS for JEE Advanced?

  14. Hi Aman,
    I guess youre busy and its hard for you to track comments and queries in different sections and reply to them. So would you mind if I asked subjectwise doubts on this post? If yes, i have a few subject wise queries to ask.
    Thanks for replying

  15. Hi Kshithij can I know if the level of fiitjee rtpf advanced is closer to the real exam or is it also like fiitjee aits

    1. JEE Main : Very good. It would tell you your almost expected score in JEE Main (For mine it ranged between 270 and 290 and I ended up with 278)
      JEE Advanced : Level of questions is good. But I never solved it completely. Just solved a couple of papers but skipped later ones as many questions were repeated in subsequent tests, but again the level is almost similar to JEE Advanced)

    2. Thankyou Can you be a bit more clear which jee advanced I mean is it closer to 2017 (which is one of the easiest) or 2016 (toughest) or 13,14,15 which are more or less of the same level.Please help?

    3. Around 2015 or 2013. I found both of almost same difficulty level

  16. Why is it that many students work hard, but only a few make their way to top IITs/NITs ? What could be the possible reasons ?

    1. Only hard work is not the key, but hard work in the proper direction will serve the purpose. Just slogging for hours and burning your midnight oil won't do much benefit rather planning well, setting one's priorities right and a balanced study and living pattern ensure success in this otherwise exam of elimination

  17. Does differential calculus by Amit m Agarwal suffice jee advanced need for chapter functions (especially graphs) or I should go for graphs by Arihant also.
    And do tell which book you used for functions and graphs.

    1. I didn't use any specific book for graphs. There was a chapter as far as I remember called graph sketching in the beginning of the book. That should suffice.

    2. Sorry for a silly question
      But in the differential calculus by Amit m Agarwal ,there is chapter transformation of graphs not graph sketching.
      Are graph sketching and transformation of graphs are one and the same chapters.And will it(transformation of graphs) suffice.
      Please clarify my doubt.

    3. Well, how to transform graphs is the only thing you need to learn. There's nothing much in graph sketching unless you have to sketch some non-standard curves. You need to know graphs of standard functions like modulus, signum, trig-ratios, inverse trig-ratios etc and learn to shift them according to coordinate axes. That's all to be done and I feel the chapter should be sufficient for that

  18. Hi Kshitiz,I am Vinay, a JEE 2020 aspirant.I recently gave my class 10 board exam. And I have started my JEE preparation. I have some doubts regarding it.

    1.My physics and chemistry preparation are going good but I don't know that from which chapter should I start my JEE maths preparation.And it would be pleasure if you mention some good JEE level books for maths.

    2. Aman sir has said that notes making is very important part. But I don't think that I can make good notes. My coaching classes didn't provides any notes. Can you please tell me how to make good notes for JEE for my revision during my preparation.

    3. In my Batch, many of my friends solve question orally but I struggle solving them orally . And I also take more time in solving problems. Can you tell how to increase my problem solving skills that is speed+accuracy.

    4. Last but not the least, how to remain consistent during 2 years of my JEE preparation.


    1. 1. You may wish to start with Coordinate Geometry or Trigonometry. I did with Trigonometry. For books, there are already a lot of them mentioned in the pinned post, so you may wish to see them.

      2. Making notes doesn't mean doing anything fancy, like using n number of different ways to make them look appealing. All you need to do is try to jot down the points, relations, formulae, some special cases, important properties and voila those are your notes.

      3. Well, I have seen many people who had this habit of solving problems very fast orally not even qualifying JEE. You need to consider the fact that it is always better and a safe practice to write down whatever you think or calculate. It would hardly take a couple of seconds more but will ensure pin-point accuracy. Solve lots of problems, problems of all variety ranging from the easiest to trickiest in a stipulated time and steadily with lot of practice you will increase your problem solving skills.

      4. Keep your goal high and keep working towards it. Never feel contented with anything less than what your aim is and strive hard to achieve it. That's the only key to remain consistent.

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  20. In one of the early paragraphs you've written, "I read a lot of books and solved questions like mad, but Jee requires much more than that."

    What exactly does that imply?
    A blog like this cannot have a post that conveys a vague message.

    I'm sorry, but knowing this that even though your concepts are strong and though you've covered a large portion of material, it isn't enough. It's never going to be.

    Then what's needed PRECISELY?
    JEE does not require holistic development of an individual,does it?

    Luck/Destiny plays its role, always. That's not something to take into account.

    What can we do?
    Besides perseverance of effort and detachment from other things/thoughts, what can be done?

    1. "A blog like this cannot have a post that conveys a vague message" - somethings are to be understood and cannot always be conveyed in words. As an example, you mentioned in your comment - "A blog like this". Now, I may raise a question on the vagueness of your statement - what do you mean by A blog like "this"?

      "JEE does not require holistic development of an individual, does it?" - it does. IITians aren't just bookworms. They are the smartest people, both in college and later as CEOs of top organizations. JEE is the step 1 in the holistic development of an individual.

    2. I'm sorry.
      I were frustrated, really frustrated upon reading that paragraph, I thought to myself what else is needed?
      If holistic development wud be taken into account, I wud be on the better side.

      I really respect this blog.
      Thanks a lot.

    3. Sorry if the post sounded vague but I feel there has been a misinterpretation. I have clearly written "I faced difficulty to get my doubts of Physics and Chemistry cleared.I struggled a lot over these" just before the concerned sentence.

      The point I wished to bring out of this is the requirement of a "well-channeled study pattern".Now again, to clear any possible ambiguity, a "well-channeled study pattern" refers to smart work rather than just slogging over books.

      I wasn't from a top-notch coaching institute and hence had to do much of the research from selecting books, planning the study schedule, choosing the right Test Series and everything else "by my own". I had not many options but to read a large number of books and solve as many problems as could so as to get the concepts. What it lead to was a significant waste in time researching over resources and building the basics, which otherwise I could have used to strengthen my subjects had the circumstances been different. That's what JEE requires, not just hard-work but hard-work in a systematic direction.

    4. Oh okay. I submit my apology to you as well Kshitij bhaiya.

      Only that some months ago I had come to terms with bitter truths in life. How we have nothing. Then where we want to be. Then how we have to earn it all ourselves through labour. How Jee is an inexplicably valuable chance we have which can help us achieve our aim.
      This might sound senseless but it is true(atleast for me).

      And then suddenly those words jee requires much more hit me.
      But now I've a clear view and also will analyze things better before reaching the conclusion.


  21. Right. Just please tell me, what else do I have to do apart from building strong concepts and solving a lot of questions,?

    1. Develop the right examination temperament, i.e. not to panic seeing the question paper. Don't get nervous or blanked out seeing an absurd pattern. Develop a habit of sitting for 6 hours a day so as to tune your body foefthe exam and to prevent exhaustion. Develop the never give up attitude i.e. don't surrender to the paper thinking you won't be able to solve it. Keep solving whatever comes to your mind and even you won't realize when did you crack the question. Develop time management skills, allocate proper time to each subject both wile studying and giving tests. That's all what came to my mind at present.

      Will give more ideas if anything new comes to my mind.

    2. I'll keep checking for more. Your effort and time in guiding me will not go waste. All the same it makes me feel guilty about writing harshly.
      Also I've some other questions(queries) as well which are about my current situation and so I can't post and ask here. If u allow juniors and are available and would want to council, please write your email, so that I can get the most needed help at the moment. Please.

    3. Feel free to message me on Quora.

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  22. Hi Aman,
    Firstly, thank you so much for taking out your time and mentoring us.
    When I was in 11th grade, while physical chemistry was going on, the chemistry teachers were changing and it became very confusing. I was such a noob when i just started my preparation (honeslty this blog helped tons alot and i got so much clarity after reading the minibook) and didnt know anything about how jee prep was done.
    So my 11 physical chem became a backlog and in physical the same happened with Mechanics 2 with chapters like work energy power and rotational dynamics andnow that i have my holidays(15 days) im trying to cover all those backlogs by reading books and it seems quite difficult.
    So my queries are:
    1.When you werent taught a chapter properly how did you learn that chapter of chemistry and physics?
    2.How did you complete those chapters by yourself without any external guidance?
    3.How did you come to know that you knew a chapter well enough?
    4. What did you do if u got stuck at a problem and had no teacher to ask to?
    5. For physical chem if i dont know anything in a chapter,and of course ncert is important. So shall i first read ncert and then op tandon (or) directly read op tandon? Which would be effective?
    6. How can i complete chapters like equilibrium with efficiency by just reading books?
    7. And sorry for asking, am i doing wrong if i deny someones request of asking me to do a task when im studying? And whats the right mindset a jee aspirant can have?

    Sorry for a long one.
    Again. Thanks.

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